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  • Well it's just been recently. A lot of good artist left around the time Digital Media and Traditional Media merged into Creative Media. The few people we had left at that time just starting disappearing as well, now only the shops are left really. Everyone's busy with their lives I guess.

    Yeah I want to do design, photography, music, and traditional art if I get the chance. I'll have a degree and web design to start then I'll branch out into the others.

    Yeah best thing to do is just ignore him, doing anything else won't get you anywhere.
    Also Tav being over dramatic is nothing new, he did the same thing when I came back to SDD. He seems to take everything as an attack and then shrug it off when you call him out on it.
    Nah, it's really just DM. There aren't too many graphic or web designers here, and the ones that are on here aren't spending their time in the DM section. Hence why design there is considered highly subjective and devoid of any bad instances.

    Yeah I know how it feels. I used to work 6 days a week to help pay off my student loans will simultaneously trying do as much as I could in school. It was hell. Fortunately I've paid off my bills and now I can just focus on making myself a good designer (don't want to just be a web designer, I want to do it all). Taking all that work into consideration, my degree will be something to be proud of.
    Yeah I saw that. I don't know where that mentality is coming from but it definitely isn't true.

    I'd be highly upset if $12,000 degree didn't mean anything, but thankfully that only applies to here.
    Degrees do count for something, art isn't something everyone just knows. It's a discipline that requires that you know the basics of what makes art visually pleasing. Whether or not you learn these fundamentals from a university or on your own is irrelevant, it's the fact that you know them that counts.

    I'm a graphic/web designer like you. Not everyone here sees a degree as useless, just thought I'd let you know.
    Well sorry to see you leave since you and i were the founders it hurts me a little more than the others. in any case wish you the best kare bear love you.
    Once again, I wanna say I'm sorry if I offended you Karen. I didn't mean anything by my post, I was just showing my terrible sense of humor. > < I hope you can find it within yourself to forgive my impulsive response.
    Wahhh I did, but I thought I had replied to your pm ^^; I must have closed the window on accident
    ohhh, k

    ok, there is, like, literally no information on this, no fan art, nothing on this game lol
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