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    Check your calendar's boys and girls: Unchained is finally West bound

    https://twitter.com/kh_ux_na/status/717068587152777216 Coming April 7th.
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    Miyamoto And Aonuma Leak 'Zelda' Info

    Source: G4 - The Feed Link to entire interview: IGN: E3 2007: Nintendo Developer Roundtable Though it is very little info, I am excited for any info on the next Zelda. :D
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    Windows Movie Maker Help

    Alright, I downloaded some episodes of Bleach, only problem is that every episode was in three parts. So, I used WMM to put them together. When I did, and played it on WMM it looked fine, sound was good and so was the picture. Then I saved it and played it in Windows Media Player, and it was...
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    Next KH to be announced at TGS!

    Source: Kingdom Hearts Network - News Yes, we will learn some more stuff about the next KH at TGS(Tokyo Game Show for thos who don't know) TGS will be taking place on the 20 - 21 for buisness and 22 - 23 for the public. Can't Wait :D
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    Should I or Should I not? (Vista)

    Well, I just got Vista Home Premium today. I didn't buy it. I had just gotten a laptop and it came with a form to send in to these people, who then will send vista for free. And I just got it today, but I am wondering should I put it on my laptop, or should I stay with XP?
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    Gamefaqs Poll: Would you buy it?

    Gamefaqs poll of the Day is Would you buy Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ if it were released in English? I made this to tell you, but to also find out how many of you would buy it? Well, would you?
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    The Official KH@:FM+ US Release Date thread (Read Before Posting)

    I meant KH2:FM+. Stupid shift key. Ok, I noticed a bunch of people asking "When is it coming to the US?", so I made this in the hopes that it will stop these threads. So far there is NO info on it coming to the US. The only thing is a rumor that it is coming Fall 2007, this came from EGM...
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    Next Kingdom Hearts NOT KH3

    Nomura has mentioned in a recent game magazine interview that the next new project that he's working with Disney isn't KH3! The chances of hearing a KH3 being announced within this year has disappeared. Well, it must be a kind of spinoff or something like that. Source kh-2.net
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    DS gets Opera Browser

    Yep, finally the DS is getting an Internet browser. Heres the full story from G4: Not only is the Nintendo DS incredibly popular and coveted years after its launch, it does everything it seems except wash windows and browse the internet. Now, one of those things is no longer true. Opera...
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    PSP2 on the way

    According to videogame blog Kotaku, Sony is planning to release a redesign of the PlayStation Portable, ala the DS Lite: "Various third party and highly placed sources state that the PSP2 is coming. Speculation is swirling around the industry, and third party publishers are hoping to tie their...
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    New Wii Channel comming soo

    At Nintendo's GDC Miyamoto talked about a new Wii Channel he is working on, that will allow people to compete in a popularity contest with their Miis. Sounds kinda interesting.
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    Strawberry Shortcake Towel destoys families

    I saw this on AOTS when they were doing "It Came From Ebay." They said they couldn't tell the story on cable soI decided to see the story behind this "Evil Towel". Here is the whole story from ebay: Wow...they should've burned it.
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    Sunday Bloody Sunday...by Bush

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=Hdn_AAKusl8&mode=related&search= Bush sings Sunday Bloody Sunday. I thought it was by Pillar, I have their CD right here, and I've listened to the song many times. But people say that is by U2. I dunno, but I'll say its by Pillar.
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    I didn't find a Thread for this so I decided to make one. This games kinda like Poke'mon. There is an Evil species called Krawl that are attempting to take over the world. Planetary Patrol Officers Rallen and Jeena dig up an extinct species called "Spectrobes," the Krawl's enemy. These fossils...
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    Marluxia and Lexaeus scans and Limit form info

    New Scans From Famitsu with new Scenes of the fight with Marluxia and Lexaeus http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/3138/scan3wg.jpg Famitsu also revealed that the recently named Limit Form was shown doing actions such as Dodge Roll, Strike Raid and Ragnarok and that Marluxia's Reaction Command...