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Tyrant Raver
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  • Happy Halloween Tyrant Raver! :D

    *gives you a bag of candy*

    I'll definitely check out the pictures and stuff soon. :D Thanks for letting me know about it!
    Hey, thanks for letting me know! I meant to tell you that the other day! C: I look forward to reading it. AND DUDE, why didn't you tell me you had an art thread here on the forum?! <3 Totally checking out your artwork right now! *o* <3
    Gotcha I am patient x3. Though I am happy to here your back into the swing of things man can't wait to see you imagination at work again x3
    Castex: I see...

    Oh that's right I forgot you got married, and had a kid XD. Well seems I have two stories to read now >..> really need to get back to work on my own projects.

    Ya I feel you there me and sephiroth2 just did a complete overhaul on Castex, and Sleif for the Aeronaut Society project we made awhile back. Alright I'll put the idea on hiatus until I see the revamped Alt want to get it right after all x3.
    Castex: *raises eyebrow*

    More for a cameo fight... still a oneshot... their was always a certain fight I wanted to happen, but due to a certain rp death never got to try it out. Also how have things been man x3 haven't heard from you in forever... still need to get that description paper into you XD. Also need to read your story... might actually get to that tonight.
    Thanks for letting me know! Can't wait to read chapter 4! And I also meant to comment a while ago about Walter's guide on types of heroes earlier, but didn't get a chance to get to it yet. xD I'll try to read your new chapter as soon as I can. If I take too long, feel free to upload chapter 5 because, I don't mind commenting on both chapters on the same post. (Hopefully that makes sense.) Right now, I'm on vacation, so I'm borrowing a laptop- which I'll have to give back... so, I'll try to see if I can read your update tomorrow, or later. C:
    It's held here in KHI, and basically you write things to the writing prompts that you're given. I put up a new entry up tonight if you want to take a look at it.

    Dream's in it too.

    Main thread for the writing contest.

    My entries for the contest.

    Dream's entries for the contest.
    Sounds like you've been busy, and I'll take a look at it when I get the chance. Not really, it's been the same old, same old. There's a summer writing contest going on that I've joined in on at the moment.
    His frame what is he a Zoid now XD?

    Castex: Can you manage without?

    Could you manage without your stuff

    Castex: yep I am still a spell slinger even without my armor, and weapons.

    >> good point... wait he lost a arm XD? I really need to get to reading that.

    Alright I'll work out a description for ya
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