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  • Nice one day I might get the chance to read up to the finale point XD. Its good to see some of the old gang still keeps the imagination flowing x3.
    I get by. My main squeeze's Season 1's finished. I'm just taking a break here before Season 2 next year.
    Happy Turkey Day to you too, Tyrant Raver!

    And don't worry about the lewd stuff. I mean, if it's within pg-13 then it's solid. ;D Thanks for letting me know about the new chapter!
    Thank you for letting me know! I still got to eventually get back to your PM as well. Hopefully I'll get to both soon! =D
    Aw. xD Likewise. It's so hard to lose the holiday weight after eating so well! I gotcha. It's pretty much the same for myself, except I'm not saving for the Switch. I've seen videos on twitter of people already getting a chance to try it out before it hits the shelves.

    Which LoZ is the latest that you're playing? :D Triforce Heroes, Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker, or Twilight Princess?
    Hey Tyrant! I'm doing good, currently reading your latest chapter, and special side chapter. How are you? Did you have a good Christmas and New Year? Do you live in Canada too?

    I live in Michigan. xD
    Thank you, Tyrant Raver! And I can totally understand, cause I'm in the same boat, waiting for one more package to arrive to hopefully wrap up in time for the Holidays. =D In the meantime, may you stay safe around New Years too!
    Hey Tyrant Raver, I saw you updated! I'll try to get to it as soon as possible! In the meantime, I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! And I hope you're doing well!
    Yeah, I'm sure and you're welcome. You're not the only one that gets distracted at that point. I swear I haven't gotten past the fish page for this chapter I'm working on and I've been on it for the last week or so.
    Thank you for the feedback! :) You're able to do that too, I know at least you can where I'm concerned. I always get so involved with what you're writing. :)

    Although yeah, it is hard writing a dramatic scene, lol. So I'm hoping I can do it well later with one I've got in my head.
    I'm doing alright, they're doing well too. We're all just getting ready for the holidays. I don't blame you with the tablet thing, it's a pain. Um, what do you think of the different writings?
    Lol know that one on the inspiration. XD I'm glad to hear everything is well on your end of things.
    If you're sure. xD I'll try not to worry about it any in the meantime, and happy you can find a way to work it out from there. And that's pretty neat to think the side stories will be canon, and taking place in different timelines. Which is really exciting! =D So are you working on the next chapter, or a side story at the moment? ouo
    Oh! *face palms* I totally misunderstood last night. You wanted the prompt merged together with Walter and Her for side stories only from Astonished/Amazed. I'm so sorry! I can somewhat fix it! So let me know if that's what you'd prefer instead. (I was a bit sick yesterday, so all I saw was like merge and went from there. ^^' My bad.)

    If you're wanting your Halloween story put together; as in pt.1&2, it'll probably turn out to be too long and create an error.
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