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  • That's really up to you, to be honest. Write what you feel comfortable about.

    If it's handheld games, write about those. Or if it's console games, write about those. Or perhaps the anime, manga, card games, other merchandise, etc.

    It's up to you, really.
    I just need writers, is all.

    Writers with good grammar/punctuation, knowledge and love of the pokemon series, and a funny wit about them.

    It's a fansite I came into management of a few months ago. Sadly, most of my previous staff has either quit or is incredibly unreliable, so I've been looking for help in the form of happy writers :3
    Actually I was thinking a little something else.

    You see I have this site I need some help on...
    I selected my attack and the "communicating" message persisted then it just disconnected. idk if your connection messed up, but I'm back in the room if you wanna try again right now. >.<
    alright, let's hope this works alright for your wireless then. sorry, my mic doesn't work
    getting ready now, my fc is 5198 4289 9785, if you can't find it. I already have yours from the thread
    Eh? Both of the lists say you're facing Et Cetera. It's Terraearthman15 who's facing Jolts.
    nvm. go on now 25 characters1111111111
    i think were in a different time zone because its 7 were i am and my brother is about to start his battle. can you wait like an hour or so?
    that time is good. fc is 1505-1640-1610
    Hey, just messaged Beastly with this. xobybrXIV and Kangaroowarrior are opponents but are brothers and share the same DS so they can't battle one another. I've switched Beastly to partner with xobybrXIV and I'm putting you with Kangaroowarrior.
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