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    got questions?? get anwsers

    if you got questions on how to get something in the game post yor questions right i will answer them the best i can ;)
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    favorite organization XIII member AND there wepon?

    what is your favorite organization member and there wepon and why?
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    what is your key blade?

    I know this is weird, but i whant to know if you had your personal key blade what is it's name and what ability's it has you also can go into detail if you want to. mine is calied time line it has the ability to of course countrol time and whan hit you ether stop or slow down. it has a clock at...
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    secret codes found

    If you dont know the secret codes that you can be ,mickey,roxas,simba,ect the web sit is: http//codemasters-project.net/vb/showthread.php?t=1453 the codes are for code breaker.
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    what do you think?

    in the secret ending the thing that fades away looks like the xemnas dragon oh and the key blades were sora,riku,and mickey's. that is what i think but what do you think?