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    poster duty wth?????

    okay, the main way to beat is is by immediately turning around when it starts, and starting using jump and aerial dodge(master form... level it up ALL the way), it's very quick, as soon as you're done putting a poster up, aerial dodge to the next poster just keep trying, you need glide and high...
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    which one?

    i mean like... if you HAVE it... like right now
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    which one?

    for those who bought the LE guide, i was just wondering which cover you got, and are you happy with it? what were your reactions when you first got yoru guide and what was your reaction when you first saw your cover.. mine: me: *gets guide* ... *strokes it with happy* yah, i was crazy i was...
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    What was your game store conversation like?

    here's how it goes" me: *calls* guy: thank you for calling gamestop, your ultimate source for kingdom hearts two how may i help you me: hello, i was just wondering if the LE guide was in (this is the fourth time i've called this week :'D) guy: yes me: ... really? guy: yup me: so i can come get...
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    Did Anyone?

    you could always show us more on how the hardcover thingy works D:
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    Did Anyone?

    i'd love to see how the hard cover protector thing works D:
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    Hydra Battle in English

    good for you ^__^ old but still good stuff
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    Gamestop! :D

    older than pamela anderson's career as a stripper! D<
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    Fav. Roxas pics

    a friend made my sig ^__^ i like that pic of roxas at the opening intro
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    Fav. Roxas pics

    my sig..
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    Did Anyone?

    need more pictures :B
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    Is it possible...

    *pulls off my current clothes to reveal my own org. coat* you fool, i am xemnas's right hand man, xecach!
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    something about gamestop...

    chances are the twenty-eigth, but it's possible it could be sold only the twenty ninth as to be fare to the rest of the country D<
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    Is it possible...

    www.abbyshot.com tiz under "anime"