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    News ► Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition releasing Fall 2019

    KH 1 era figures wielding KH 2 era keyblades? Oh hell naw
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    I agree and disagree. It isn't just interpreted because there's a planned future. FF8 is interpreted because there's no FF8-2 and FF9 isn't directly connected. With plans of a KH4 then what we see is what we get. In fact, the next game may open with him doing what he did that brings her back and...
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    *le gasp* :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O Is that a ship name then or are they the same person? >.>
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    X-Blade, Dual Wield, and Other Such Wonderment's

    Roxas was just Roxas, so his connection to Sora's heart and awakening it thanks to Xion made it his thing. Roxas' heart is able to dual wield. Sora is shown dual wielding guns in game so there's a chance he still could, but he lost all of his previous power so that might mean dual wielding...
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    What happened to the heartless after KH 3

    We gonna fight noise, heartless, soulless, nobodies, unversed (depending on Vanitas' actual fate or maybe another emotional character), and nightmares in the next game. EVERYTHING. Seriously though, we didn't even seal any keyholes which was generally what closed off heartless to a world so I...
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    Definitely nothing because Xigbar is Luxu and there's no connection to those names.
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    MoM is Verum Rex

    Yours, and she saw your internet search history and she and I are very disappointed in you.
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    Union X and KH

    I don't like this talk of 7 darknesses and 13 lights. This next saga better not be a rehash of the plot of the Xehanort saga. 7 vs 13 to make _-Blade so they can make Kingdom Hearts. Light vs Light seems to be the next thing. The foretellers collected light after all, I doubt it's going to go...
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    Castle Oblivion and why Sora never got to remember it

    I'm not. Those memories mean nothing to him and they had to break the fake chain of memories she made. He still remembers the most important part which was "Thank Namine" so he at least has that in his mind.
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    Cut Content

    Writers probably stopped caring. I think we can assume that Zack still died somehow. It would have been cool to see him in the Underworld or something in 2 but that would expect them to plan farther ahead then they probably do. Also, wasn't Crisis Core still new-ish when BBS came out? Like a...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    I like to imagine that it's something Sora saw in a dream or something so he told Jiminy about it and he put it in the journal. I kinda hoped they'd change at the end to Young E Young X but that didn't happen.
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    What do you think about Namine / Riku shipping?

    Yeah I completely agree, but we know change doesn't happen fast. Especially when CERTAIN...organizations are involved, certain advancements in human rights and scientific breakthroughs get held back hundreds if not thousands of years because people claim what is and isn't right. Everyone...
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    Do You Think Anti-Aqua's Actions and Feelings Were Justified?

    If she fell of her own accord, she would have showed weakness. She would have given up, given in, which is a sign of weakness. She wouldn't be strong enough to ignore her doubts and let the darkness in. She was unwillingly taken by darkness, which was the only way to corrupt her. You can't...
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    What do you think about Namine / Riku shipping?

    Its because het is the norm. Give it a few hundred years and people will start to understand chemistry and that love is love. Forcing her into a homo relationship or a poly relationship isn't really any better either, ya know. I bet you're tons fun in a relationship
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    SPOILERS What is everyone's Favorite and Least Favourite Worlds?

    Favorite: Monstropolis - I've ranted here several times about my history with Monster's Inc. Least: 100 Acre Woods - mostly due to the fact that I expected a lot more from it, more mini game variety, more character interaction, because I figured it would be the last shebang for the book.