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    The Forgotten Scene?

    Okay, at the beginning of the game when the music is just starting to play, Roxas and Axel are having a discussion... "Are you sure you don't have a heart?" Axel asks... blah, blah, blah, "True enough." Ice cream shaing, Axel hides a paopu in there that Roxas doesn't realize... ANYWAYS, doesn't...
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    Okay, how many challenge Sigils do you have or have left? I have 253, which is really annoying because I only have 2 left to obtain, and they're narly impossible. It's mission 41, (I think) where you enter the first Coliseum tournament, fight Hover Ghosts, Xigbar, Guard Armour, and you can't get...
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    Okay, I want to get some videos off of KH-Vids onto my iPod, but I have absolutely NO idea how I'm going to do it.... Can someone help me?
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    The extra pods.

    I'm putting this thread in this section only because it has a possible link to BBS or even 358/2 Days. If you go to the pod room in the basement of the mansion in KH2, you will see there is Sora's pod. And when you exit the room, you enter a hall of more pods. If you examine them all they will...
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    The 358/2 Days title mystery SOLVED!

    Okay here's what I think the title of 358/2 Days means. I posted this on KHOnline and they think it's perfect. Here goes! I was just thinking. Take away the 2. There is 358 Days. That's one week less than a year. And since Roxas was alive with no memories for a week in Kingdom Heats II, that's...
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    KH Online

    I don't care if this thread is going to be closed, I just want beople to know that KH Online is about to start a Beta test! Google KH Online, it will bring you the homepage and you can sign up! After that, hurry to the Beta Testing thread located in Updates. Sign up to be a part of Beta testing...
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    KH ONLINE!!!!!!

    Extreme announcement! All though the game doesn't have ,uch to it and it's just a Beta test. KH Online is open for people to sign up! Search KH Online on Google, it will bring up a page! Click on the one for KHONline. Make an Account and sign up for the game! It's under the 'Beta testing' thread...
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    Voices - CoM - WRONG. FM ain't comin'.

    It just seems too ulikely to bring KH2FM+ to NA when they never did that with the first game. Re: CoM would need young Haley Joel Osment, but since he's 2 years older than his KH2 voice, he's like 4 years older and a lot deeper than his KH1 voice. Will they find a substitute? No, everyone will...
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    Ice cream Keyhole.

    Why the heck was the seasalt ice cream Riu gave Sora in the middle of the game, the item that revealed the Realm of Darkness' Keyhole?! It's so confusing. Like, the Christmas suit is the Christmas town Keyhole. The Olympus Stone is the Olympus Keyhole. The Beast's Rose is the Beast's Castle...
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    Everyone has to remember the part when you revisited Winnie the Pooh because of Merlin, right? And that those pages were torn out and Pooh's memory was gone. Well, Merlin said those pages affected Pooh's memory so I think that the pages were the book's heart, or Pooh's heart. Because if they're...
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    Truth Behind the Cloaks

    Proof in RE: CoM states that the Organization's cloaks were specially made, (probably by Vexen) to be immune to the darkness so that they can't get hurt when travelling by the corridors of darkness. Also, it is a good disguise to hide on someone, (I'm thinking of designing one myself) So now I...
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    Hey, guys. Novels for NA.

    Recieving recent info from wikipedia now states that KH novels WILL come out on June 3, '08. A little more reasonable than the March 25. So, I wanted to point that out for anyone curious enough to know. I have noticed many other websites already saying the same thing, "Early July, Sometime in...
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    Final Mix scene majorly related to 3 games.

    The one scene on Youtube called, The New Headquarters, is piled with information! It tells you about the room of awakening and sleep, it talks about Xehanort and it talks about members up to 11 and Castle Oblivion... wanted to point that out to people who want to comment about it! Here's the...
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    Sorry, novel release info.

    I am sorry for acting so frustrated but don't just close the thread while i am in the middle of editing okay? Anyways, the novel release should be on the 25th of March. 2008. That is indeed 3 days. Oh, and if you're going to close this thread again, please tell me first, please? oh, and if I...
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    I am very frustrated that someone deleted my thread on the novel release dates, because I can't find them anywhere so I'm making the thread again, for those ignorant enough to argue the fact that the set date is the 25th for the novels. It is, I don't care how many people disagree because it's...