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Recent content by True_Darkness

  1. T

    sora being beaten up why???

    Who doesn't want to beat up Sora? I don't hate him, he's just too goody-two-shoes for my tastes. Roxas was at least a little more believeable as a person...despite him being a nobody.
  2. T

    At the End of KHII

    I enjoyed the ending to KH2; however, I'd have prefered to have fought all the organization members, who were still alive at that point, tampering with other worlds rather than fighting revived Disney villains with the exception of Hades and Jafar who seem to be too powerful to be able to kill...
  3. T

    Princess Kairi

    Maybe I just don't remember correctly, but wasn't it mentioned in KH1 in a flashback that Kairi was Destiny Island's mayor's daughter? I know it isn't exactly royalty I'm just saying she was the daughter of someone in a leadership role.
  4. T

    Strength or Magic?

    I've always picked magic in the beggining though I end up using melee more often. In KH most of the time I'd just send Donald and Goofy into the battle and I'd stay back and zap the foe. Though I have to admit I miss Aero and its superiors and I hated facing that heartless that had it in KH2 and...
  5. T

    the difference between sora's game and Rikus

    I liked Riku's more because I like Riku more than Sora and I liked the feel of the Dark Mode thing. Just go and button mash your foes to death! :angry:
  6. T

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    The Battle with Xemnas...I used Guard and I blocked his attacks...the Keyblade blocks lightsabers...WHAT THE HELL!? Not that I'm complaining about it or anything. Guard was really helpful.
  7. T

    I'm about to finish KH and...

    I enjoyed Chain of Memories. If you can get it used then by all means do so since it will be cheaper that way. But it isn't manditory to have played through it. It IS useful to know what happened though.
  8. T

    Wow! Got this game last week and it Blew my expectations!

    I had a simple solution to the game's diffuculty. When I played the only spells I had were cure. Everything else was an attack card of the highest number I could get or an attack card with the number zero and I never picked sleights. My strategy was wail on whoever attacked me and if they use a...
  9. T

    Sora's Singing Talent

    Holy crap! I hated Atlantica in KH2! In KH I loved it. Swimming around and laying the smack down on the shark was great! But a freaking musical!? Good Grief!
  10. T

    358/2 larxene marluxia?

    Did anyone ever say if the fourteenth member will be playable? Maybe as an unlockable character after you beat the game or something. Marluxia, Xemnas, and Axel are my favorite Organization members.
  11. T


    Xigbar was interesting to fight. When I found the time to Guard against his shots simply reflecting them back at him seemed pretty effective. Chain of Memories Axel in the fight before Marluxia is also pretty tough. Though Chain of Memories is easy if you have nothing but 7-9 numbered attack...