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Recent content by True Serenity

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    Memories of the Heart

    Okay, so this was something random that popped in my head. I wrote up a very short prologue to see if you guys would actually read it. If enough people seem to like it, then I'll continue. Just so you know, this is KH related. But since I don't know much about KH2, most of what I write will...
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    Love is a Funny Thing

    A few notes before you read! 1)This is taking place after KH2 has ended. And I’m not really going by anything that happened in that game, considering it’s not out yet. 2)This is written in first person as Kairi. 3)YES! This is a romance fanfic, complete with love triangles and lots of drama. So...
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    Never Give Up Hope

    *Alright. This is my first fanfic. So I'm sorry if it sucks. I just figured I might try it out to see if I'm any good.* ^_^ Prologue Every night, just before the sun would set, the last lights of day would paint a rainbow of colors across the sky. The colors would blend and shade the...
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    An Unimaginable Fate

    *This is a redo of The Palm Reader* The Story Palm Reading. Some say it’s nothing but a load of crap. Others believe in its mysterious existence. But either way, most people do it just for the hell of it. Palm reading dates back into the early 18th century, when any type of black magic was...
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    The Palm Reader

    The Story One night, you and your friends decided to go to the annual carnival. You have been going for years now and know the carnival like the back of your hand. But this year, something is different. The Carnies are stranger than ever and there are many new booths around the area. But one...
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    **The plot of this RP is NOT mine. It is based on the TV show Lost. The only difference will be the characters and storyline because we will change them to however we want. But it is still based on the show.** It was a normal flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles. Everthing was running...
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Wow. This song is really good but it sounds so sad. Just listening to it makes me wanna cry. I don't wanna think that something bad is gonna happen to someone. :( ...But the song is still cool. :)
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    *theory*of KH2 cover

    Exactly. i think they just wanna keep everything about him under the surface so that when the game comes out it'll be something we never expected. and it'll be 10x better. and thats why they havent shown him or anything. so we can think that hes not gonna be important. but when really he is...
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    *theory*of KH2 cover

    I think it may be Riku. I just feel like he's going to be really important in kh2 and they are not promoting it to 1) not give anything away 2) just piss us off and confuse us more. :P
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    What's the big deal about KH2 anyway?

    Agreed. Plus the characters, the storyline, how everything fits together. And the disney added to it. And a couple FF characters. It just all makes an awesome game! And we all want the second one to come out so we can see what's going to happen. It's killing us that we dont know!! :) That's...
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    New gal here :)

    hey everyone! im new here :) . well i dont know if you would consider me new. ive actually had this account for over a year. i just never said anything cause i was busy with other stuff.. plus i like to observe and read before i jump into any conversations. anyways, i decided its time to start...