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  • Hearing your interview has launched you to the top of my favorites voice actors list :x
    I hate to be yet another person saying it but hey, I'm an honest man, you're awesome! You sound like a nice person to hang with :D

    Oh and happy trollin'!
    I so sad that I missed your grand enterance on the forums! Oh well.... :(

    Please come back and troll us even more! Lolz
    Welcome! :) Really nice of you to take the time for the interview AND make a surprise visit to our beloved forum XD Although I will be face-palming from now and to eternity seeing that I had missed your "grand entrance" </3

    So pleeeaaase make a girl happy and appear here again sometime lol :D
    I speak for everyone when I say that what you're doing is awesome. Keep at it, amichi.

    That being said, welcome to KHInsider!
    Ugh, I should have never gone to bed. I missed seeing you!
    Sad to say that I missed your big entrance to our site last night because I'm reviewing the game you're in... But anyways, welcome to KHInsider! I can't wait to hear your interview!
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