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  • she's a sociopath... it's not easy to tell her anything.
    I'll give it a try... hopefull since its around the holidays they will need some more employees.
    no i'm not... and i can honestly put all the blame on my sister... she has single handedly ruined the past year and half of my life and quite possibly my future.
    I would rather do a lot of things than babysit my niece and nephew... I would really like to work in an art store.
    I've been thinking about the art thing... but I haven't found anything free.
    Yes... I have been looking for a job... but everything is so hectic lately... and apparently the world would fall apart if I wasn't at home on certain days to babysit my sister's kids. (without pay)
    because everyday that passes right now for me is just another day wasted... and also another day closer to me being out of school for a complete year... it's a little depressing.
    O.O 5 days... is it just me or do the days just seem to be going by wicked fast lately

    its fine
    sorry it took me like an hour to answer to it in the first place
    yeah a lesson I would rather not have had to learn.
    have a good nap... you probably will with all this lesbian talk fresh in your mind ;P
    o_O ...bad memories... let's just say that the next time I suspect someone is a lesbian... I am not spending the night at their house... :(
    I've had my fair share of scary near rape experiences with lesbians before... so I guess I've stereotyped them as something to be weary of. ;P
    yeah... but I'm not very good at sharing... and they could be people I totally hate...
    ...as long as they aren't lesbians maybe I'd be ok...
    Nuh unh... cats are > than dogs... jk... I like them equally.
    The reason I don't want to live in the dorms is that I wouldn't be able to bring my cat with me... and I don't want to share a room with a complete stranger.
    Medical Biology... cool <3
    The subject of financial aid has been brought up to me before... the last time I talked to the admissions counselor she said that I could get that... but I would have to live in the dorms (I really don't want to live in the dorms...) plus it's an 1 hour and 45 minute drive from my house to there... and I can't bury my parents in financial aid debt right now... they are having enough trouble as it is... I'm basically screwed. TT^TT
    Yes... I can draw... and I'm pretty damn good at it. I was wanting to go to the Art Institute to get a Bachelor's Degree in Web Design. I was going to do Graphic Design but... you learn Graphic Design in Web Design so it's like killing two birds with one stone.

    What colleges are you applying to?
    no, they don't suck... in fact I really really want to go there but I just don't have the money right now and it's the worst possible time. I had told them a little while ago that I would like to start in January... and it's really nice for them to try to follow up and try and help me... but I just can't right now... my dad recently got injured and is now supposed to be on disability (it's been a month now... and they still haven't filled out his form)... and I don't have a job yet... TT^TT
    I'm not all that bummed out... I guess the way I'm typing is over exaggerated.
    I kinda am talking to you like I would talk to him...
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