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  • oh wow... it has been a long time... of course I missed you ;P
    btw sorry it took me so long to reply... I've been pretty busy lately and I haven't been on this site for a month.
    it took me a while to answer because I had been sick and hadn't been on the computer for a while... kind of the same reason that this reply took so long...

    the amazing thing about my name is that no one ever seems to spell it right... even though it is only 5 letters... and it is a very scary thing when your doctors don't spell your name properly -.-
    a belated Merry Christmas to you... ;)
    and happy new years.

    my real name is Lynne.
    your real name is teddy... hmm... your icon makes a lot more sense to me now ;P
    u have no idea, i had to restart my old comp 5-6 times, where this one just pops the web pages up
    well... a lot of them... the only problem is they don't know that they are shit XD
    I <3 Towlie... me and my friend britney would always quote him and we had all these cool inside jokes... those were the days *is reminiscing* :)

    Anyways... I gotta go... I'm tired and I have a lot to do tomorrow... I hope I can go to sleep *is an insomniac* ;P
    ooooh... I just thought of something... it would be so cool to make of a perverted version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas... X3 don't ask how I was able to get a thought like that in a split second... I'm just special like that ;3

    bye... talk to ya later... *waves foolishly*
    I think Mr. Hanky is great... "Howdy Ho" =D
    best talking piece of shit I have ever seen X3

    the people who make the show obviously... they are very adept at thinking of something stupid and making it very obscene and comical... they do it a lot... in fact Mr. Hanky is no where near the stupidest thing that they have ever come up with... ;P
    O.O due by the end of the week... wow.

    Why do you hate the Mr. Hanky episodes?...
    Who could hate something with a talking piece of crap in it XD
    aww... well I hope she agrees to go with you. =)
    and good luck with your financial aid papers.

    the episode about Mr. Hanky.
    ...i can't exactly remember too much of it... just a little bit >////<
    even if i could remember the 'details'... i probably wouldn't share them... :embarassed:
    Yes... i'm happy that he is back...
    but its not really a perverted dream for me...
    although shockingly enough... i did have a bit of a perverted dream last night ;P
    no it's not snowing right now.
    70 degrees... you are so lucky. It's like 37 degrees right now where I live...
    I'm cold eventhough my heater is on.
    my sister isn't getting anything... I'm getting my mom, dad, cat, friends, and grandpa something and that's it this year... everyone else isn't worth the trouble.
    not being able to use the computer is the least of my worries... if we lose power then my heater won't work D: I'll freeze to death...
    well... I wasn't exactly Christmas shopping... I was just getting some things because we might have a wintery mix thing tomorrow and I was preparing for the possibility that we may loose power and stuff.
    I wanted to christmas shop but I didn't have enough money... so I wasn't able to get very much... guess I'll just have to be cheap and make people's presents this year...
    sorry I didn't reply yesterday... I haven't been on my computer for like a day and a half... I've been busy gettin ready for Christmas and stuff... I just got back from shopping and I'm so freaking tired... I had like 3 near death experiences in the car due to all the traffic... D:
    ...hectic times...
    damn... and I almost got rid of her...
    to be honest she's damaged goods... there's no telling what she has caught over the years.
    hmm... it depends when she gets to LA will you make she sure stays there and never leaves... if so then it's free ;)
    not much... she's not exactly the best product.
    her nickname is penny... that's all anyone is willing to pay ;P
    yeah I guess it does... I just get so flared up about it... sorry.
    well on a more perverted note... I call her a hooker behind her back ;P
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