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    Trigger's Photo Manipulation Thread

    This is what I do in the chat when I am bored :eek: Do not ask for a picture of yourself ( especially if I don not know you )
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    Prodigy 12:22 AM I just took one of THE most massive shits of my life Trigger 12:22 AM ... 12:22 AM yea... Prodigy 12:23 AM I mean.. wow. 12:23 AM I feel soooo much better now 12:24 AM I mean, have you ever had pretty much explosive diarrhea and ended up where all the stalls or toilets are...
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    Mystery Girl

    Who is "THIS" Person? So post a picture if you want to try find out who the person is. Me and stooge were curious to know who this female is since people like Guile are useless
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    Do you like or dislike monkeybutt?

    Well since there's opinions flying all over the place lets see once and for all what the actual stats for the monkey are. You can discuss if you want but lets not turn this into a flame >>
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    Genesis Project:1

    Genesis Project: Chapter 1 Genesis Project: Chapter 1 -from simplicity is everything born -Your mission ,should you choose to accept it. . . Will be the following. -Pick a letter from the "English" alphabet and any number ( try and keep it to 3 digits ) -Take a sheet of paper and brain storm...
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    The Genesis Project

    Well since we finally began our new clans and procedure I thought it was about time i put this into play. the Genesis Project This will be a place for "any" member of KHI that would like to participate in missions that will hopefully help extend the users of KHI to think about art...
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    The Black Donellys

    The Black Donnellys Who else watches and thinks they should air it again instead of having it only online and taking off the Real Wedding Crashers?
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    Sociology paper

    I asked 10 people a set of questions, but now I want a wider answer on one particular question, so if you have the time just click which one you think. I also encourage people to talk about it edit: since there is not enough space on the poll Full question: What form of communication do you...
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    Does anyone

    Does anyone miss :blush:
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    The I hate Gackt fan club

    If you hate Gackt and everything about him, or just want to join to piss pople off join now I HATE GACKT
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    The Hybrid Spectrum Rising

    Well now, I havent been involved in this section ins ome time, but I'm back now. FIrst off this wont be a clan at all, this will be a group, also you can join, so dont ask, this is how you get in. FIrst off you need to have been on this forum for a while and have some rep. No newbs or noobs in...
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    Where is...

    I'm posting this question for someone, sorry if it has been asked somewhere else "were is the first treasure in the second row in twilight town"?
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    The Sig Quote Thread

    Post here your funniest, weridest, or just plain stupid things that youve quoted people saying in your sigs I'll start it off Raito-One of my friends one time, he was having girlfriends problems.He went gay. xD.... ._.'I told him he was stupid...never talked to him again. I don't know what...
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    GE assignment (optional)

    Um heres for those who are still bored, take this vector of mine and use it in a splash, do w/e you like, make it interesting [-TA Out-]
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    GE assignment #6

    Goal: Make a present for a member of Glintz, should have done this earlier around the christmas times but oh well. Your choice of what and how its done due date: 2 weeks from now I guess Points:5 [-TA Out-]