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    Lacking New Worlds

    I'm not criticizing it! Just pointing it out.
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    Lacking New Worlds

    Days Later and Coded are the only KH games that don't introduce new worlds. I mean, even Chain of Memories had 2 new ones!
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    358/2 Days Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames [PINOCCHIO WORLD INCLUDED??]

    Oh, okay. And Traverse Town is in Days, right?
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    358/2 Days Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames [PINOCCHIO WORLD INCLUDED??]

    If Pinnochio is in KH again it's going to be Monstro. And they might have just added some more missions in there for the NA release. But that's probably it. Hey, Days Later and Coded are the only games that don't introduce new worlds...
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    BBS Soundtrack?

    It seems like they're putting as much work into this as KHI or KHII. And it's in a different time period so I will kill if they use Sanctuary. >_< It seemed like Fate of the Unknown (playing in the KHII Final Mix secret ending) is the main theme of BBS. And it should be. It's great. And I think...
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    I cant beat axel!

    Put various 0 cards throughout your deck along with attack cards. And maybe some Blizzards. But don't use them yet! Wait until you got his health down to a few bars left and press the triangle button like there is no tomorrow. Sleights until you kill him.
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    Gamestop Bonuses

    POSTCARDS. Wow. I'll send those to my cousins. They won't have a clue.
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    I'm not here to judge. I'm just wondering if Polytheism exists much anymore in first world countries.
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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    Ahhh those were the best scenes! They were hilarious. It's fun to fill in the blanks in Twilight Town. And WOW Sora had a gay moment. Anyway, Kingdom Hearts just had a sense of newness and mystery about it. I wouldn't be surprised if there is still one more secret no one has found in there.
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Meh. Yeah, you're right.
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Hmm... I guess I could be. I'm just a really touchy guy and I want to be able to be really close to her... meh...
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Ello there peoples. Yeah I have a problem... A year ago when I started my new high school I told my new friend Amber that I was gay. It wasn't until much later in the year that I actually developed feelings for her. I don't like her physically(albeit, she is pretty), I'm more attracted to her...
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    Chain of Memories Was the Best Game

    Had the best moments. I can understand you being frustrated with the card system. But after you get used to it, it can be fun.
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    Help/Support ► Mental health and other issues

    Re: Mental heatlh and other issues Aww man. That really sucks, Angelic Symphony. I apparently have some mental problems that I just now learned about. They're very minor though, yet my mom is making a big deal out of it. I hate it. And maybe to help you out, you can try to see about getting a...
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    Chain of Memories Was the Best Game

    HOLY SHIZZNITZ. That happened to me the fist time I played CoM. I ended up deleting all my map cards and going through the worlds again.