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  • Mmhmm. I got one recently that's pretty nice, though. :3 I just like changing color aspect.
    Ah the mood rings~ D: Yeah I've seen it change from shades of blueish green to purple. Yellow ONCE.

    I didn't like that moodring though... dollar store ones change my finger green.
    So, I hear you're quite the accomplished Roleplayer. I myself have had my skills praised, and I'd like to join your social group concerning roleplaying. I highly support literate roleplays, and would consider it an honor to join.

    (Note: Please read this when/if you return.)
    You know how the quality, and speed, of the roleplaying section has essentially died over the past two or so years?

    Well, we want to change that. Starting with this.
    I am, I was just waiting for an appropriate time to come in, maybe like after everyone has talked a bit.
    Tobs, I'm sorry but I wont be able to participate in Mirrors. My life is really busy now and I dont have that much time anymore. Sorry.
    Yeah, but don't tell anyone

    Virgo is represented by a chick, which is about as unmanly as one could get

    I also lack most of the qualities a Virgo is suppoed to have I.E Hardworking, practical, etc etc...
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