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Recent content by Tidusman19

  1. Tidusman19

    how do u open ES for battle in KH2FM+

    Why is he not there?:confused:
  2. Tidusman19


    true and also i doubt if there is going to be a rikus nobody it would be a enemy in kh3
  3. Tidusman19


    lmfao,rofl, ok if your not this far im not exactly sure where else to find them but if you can go to the world that never was they are there and other than im not sure
  4. Tidusman19

    Final Form Question

    ....you will more likely turn into final form if trying to turn into master form......
  5. Tidusman19

    Help with normal levelling

    I agree this world is a great place to train and also theres always going back and doing the mini games and other worlds
  6. Tidusman19

    Need help on beating Xigbar.

    This boss battle I was just at and defeated easily all it takes is to use the reaction commands as soon as they come up and also as already recomended to use reflect when he fires the missles at you and other than that balance out your healing and attacks and thats all it takes
  7. Tidusman19

    Please Help

    its like a random thing just like soras anti form when you are trying to drive into any other form you will randomly turn into the final form once you have you have the final form and you can choose to go into it when ever you want
  8. Tidusman19

    Favorite Pop

    So whats your favorite pop mines mountain dew:)
  9. Tidusman19

    KH2 merchandise

    lol well ive seen keyblades people have made but they are very poor quality and ive seen the actually game, guide book and some toys
  10. Tidusman19

    Sora Scene After End No Credits! Spoils

    your welcome you did a great job
  11. Tidusman19

    Sora Scene After End No Credits! Spoils

    dude nice job on the video really good except my media player has poor video quality so it was a little fuzzy
  12. Tidusman19

    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    same here ive seen it be pushed to april and may this year
  13. Tidusman19


    hi yall? lol
  14. Tidusman19

    santuary help

    they did post a link and i thought u werent supposed to double post???? just wondering no offense
  15. Tidusman19

    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    mines way after so it works out for me