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Recent content by TheZX

  1. TheZX

    Will they ever RErelease kh3 again on ps5 with remind and extras???(also telling yall about the dream i had of a new kh collection)

    They could definitely re-release the game but I feel like they'll do that when there's another game that they could tack onto it in a bundle. It's very possible to have the game upgraded to 60fps with ray tracing for next gen. Square would definitely want to make some money from it but they...
  2. TheZX

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    You'd think they would've used the Unreal models for the melody game.
  3. TheZX

    News ► Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package Arrives March 17th 2020 on PlayStation 4

    My PS4 theme better get updated to look like that cover
  4. TheZX

    News ► Official Kingdom Hearts UX Twitter teases important announcement with new sketch by Nomura!

    What if Xehanort isn't named Xehanort yet. They were always called Boy in White and Boy in Black. Nomura said it was the end of the Xehanort Saga and naming him Boy in Black and giving him a different name in this prequel is a way around that.
  5. TheZX

    News ► Watch two new KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Concert Video previews

    As much as I want the concert vid, I gotta save my munniez 😭😫
  6. TheZX

    News ► KH3 Critical Mode adds various QOL updates including save carry over, more photo slots

    Sooo do we have to wait til like 10 p.m est? Or til the next day? Or even longer cuz there's no mention of an english release?!😱
  7. TheZX

    Can this theory be considered true?

    Tendency to hurry his plan? I definitely don't see that. Especially since this has been in the making for over a decade. Hell, he's even got backup plans for his backup plans. Plus he could use Terra's body for another 50+ years and even get a new one by sacrificing his body again. And when all...
  8. TheZX

    Regarding the Xemnas medal high score event

    Were we supposed to have already gotten the medal from it? I'm pretty sure I unlocked it during the event but I've yet to receive it and couldn't find anywhere that said if we'd receive them at a later date. So I'm just curious is anyone else has it already.