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    Why did Soul Eater and Kingdom Key break Ventus Station of Awakening?

    I'm sure it was just a red herring. It was meant to mislead us into thinking that Vanitas and Riku were related somehow. They did this a lot really: Their outfits, the scene you mention, the other scene in the opening where Vanitas reaches out his had to Ventus, and how Vanitas would taunt with...
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    News ► Watch the Final Trailer of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue!

    It looks like it says "X-super" on the red part of the box.
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    2.8 Name?

    Where is that 2.8= 2.6+0+0.2 from? Not only is that stupid math (because with this reasoning 1.5=1+#(358/2 Days)+#(CoM) > 2, since #(CoM)>1) but I'm pretty sure that Nomura said BBS is KH0.
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    Help/Support ► Mathematical Stress Ideas?

    If math is a cause for that much stress for you my best advice is to learn it. Why tackle the symptoms when you can go for the source (unless your stress is a cause for poor performance and then its a bit more complicated). Also, your methods of relieving stress sound more like procrastination...
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    Has Stitch been to Destiny Islands?

    That actually came to mind the first time I played through the game. I always thought it was just left to interpretation.
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    News ► Official KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMix Survey

    Wasn't there supposed to a new scene in Re:Coded tying it with DDD? Did anybody ask about that, or did I just make that up? Anyway, I asked if they changed the secret episode in Birth by Sleep at all.
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    Time Travel Theory

    Can I just say how much I hate how they introduced time travel in this game. It makes no sense. Its just a convenient set of rules so Xehanort can have thirteen darknesses. Here's a theory: No time travel actually took place in KH3D. It was all a dream. And that is essentially my theory. To...
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    Why was there a door?

    Why would the door be a game mechanic? It really doesn't seem to fit the spirit of the first game to make things that easy.
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    News ► Black Friday Deals: Kingdom Hearts

    I find it funny how the HD remix is twenty dollars but the price for KH1 and CoM combined is just about that also.
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    Will 2.5 include BBSV2?

    Man I hope they include "BBSV2" in 2.5. Re:coded simply doesn't lend itself to a movie format as Days did and I think its the perfect place to wrap up some plot points so KH3 doesn't stretch its plot to answer all of our questions. The fact that KH3D bumped this game out of development really...
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    Destiny Islands Leveling

    I didn't last muh longer than level 20. I remember seeing like 3000 exp to the next level and just gave up.
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    KH 2.5 - BBS FM Ending - Will they change the 'BBS: Volume 2' Scene?

    At the time they made Blank Points KH3D was hardly in conception if that. Nomura even said it "relates" to or "connects" to kh3, which it still would now, but in a weaker sense than what I suspect was intended in that interview. Because of that, any apparent connection kh3d had with blank points...
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    KH 2.5 - BBS FM Ending - Will they change the 'BBS: Volume 2' Scene?

    I think the reason Aqua was considered a potential replacement for Ventus was simply her strong affiliation to the light in the same sense that she will be one of the seven lights in kh3. I would like some explanation for the KKD in some BBSV2, but I'm not too sure about that one.
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    KH 2.5 - BBS FM Ending - Will they change the 'BBS: Volume 2' Scene?

    I couldn't agree more. BBSV2 didn't just disappear when kh3d showed up. Then again it didn't take long after kh3d for BBSV2 to be shelved. I'd also think it if DDD were that, then it would concern itself with what was shown at the end of the secret episoe.
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    Editorial ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5: Worlds of Possibilities

    I really hope they include some equivalent of BBSV2 into it. A video collection that is unlocked after completing the secret episode of bbsfm perhaps? Back when they first teased it, it looked like it might have been one last game to pull together all the previous ones up to it. I mean it had...