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    Tetsuya at E3 (Versus 13? KH3?)

    Hey guys, I never post but I'm always up to date on the latest KH news from you guys. Now then I've been on Neogaf for the past couple of months lurking on the discussion board for Sony's E3 conference. Neogaf is known to have incredible insider knowledge and one of these insiders is named...
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    3DS XL released and KH3D

    Heyy guys, this is just a simple question to any of you who've either purchased an XL last month in EU or yesterday in NA. Does the game look better in any way? Does it look to stretched? Way to many jagged edges? Thanks for any replies because I'm holding off for my Critical playthrough for the...
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    After finally seeing the ending.

    So many of us have finally beaten the game and have seen the ending of course, now what came to my mind was remember when Nomura said they were gonna go with another ending but then ended up being rejected. What do you guys think it couldve been like? Because personally even though i found the...
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    The series split between two companies

    Hey guys this is my first thread and wanted to ask you guys on the subect of KH3 being actually a multi platform game rather than an exclusive. I'm sorry if this has been discussed countless times! Now then as we all know the series has started on the PS2 and the series has grown so much to the...
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    Hiyaa again!

    Hiyaa guys. I've had countless accounts on the forums for over 4 years and actually over time would stop logging on and forget my account -.- so I'm finally joining the forums once again and hopefully will be staying with this account forever now. Looking forward to DDD and I know all you NA...