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  • It is very fun! The protagonist of 1 & 2 is great! Cole can feel like such a real person at times. Delsan from Second Son is okay in his own way as well.
    The canon storyline is the hero but that's is because the company that made infamous decided what was canon by gathering trophy data. Isn't that cool? =D
    haha Sorry about that. I forgot I had it on those settings. It's to keep out vm peepers. >_<
    Infamous is a PS3 game. It's basically about a guy that gets superpowers but whether your a hero or villain is up to you. It's spawned several sequels since such as 2 and Second Son.
    Hold on I think I've figured out the problem. I'll try adding you as a friend and if you accept you should be able to see my page directly.

    The game Infamous had many good quotes like that. =]
    No it dosnt appear in the corner above your messages. and thats a good quote, but can be answered by , absolute power corrupts absolutely. Several KH characters and Disney are perfect examples of this. as well as a lot of examples in history.
    All Ya do with private message then is go to your inbox, select to send a new one then type in my name as you see it spelled.ive encountered the other problems before. It usually happens when members have similar names though....hmm....site must be glitching.
    As for view conversation. Does it appear in the corner of my messages to you?

    One my fave quotes is: "Any man can handle adversity. If you truly want to test a mans character give him power".
    Neither one is working , When i click your profile i can't find the private message button, and there isnt a view conversation link at the moment. But it can mean either or both of those things. But that is pretty much what it means . One of my favorite quotes.
    To reply directly you click the "view conversation" in the top right corner of a message. If that doesn't work then something is wrong with link which has happened before. Other ways are to go to my page and post it send private messages. ^_^

    I see. So basically the quote means no one truly knows what's on the inside? ^_^
    Or perhaps it means only the knife carving it knows the final outcome of the pumpkin?
    I usually have in mind what I'm making first when carving them.
    Im not sure how to reply to you directly incognito_ . To understand the quote. when you first look at a pumpkin, you just see a pumpkin, you don't see the insides. Though when you start carving, you give eit a face, or personality. a "Soul" So to speak. So only the knife really knows whats going inside the pumpkin . When i carve I dont know waht i'm going to carve right away. usually takes me a bit.
    That's an interesting quote in your sig. What does it mean? =O
    *yes I totally go up to people randomly if my curiosity is peeked lol*
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