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  • You beat all the bosses but Sephiroth!? Great job! :biggrin:
    Chain of Memories can actually prove to be a very broken system. haha
    For instance there is a sleight you get from leveling up call Lethal Frame. It freezes any opponent, even bosses, and Sora slashes like crazy. Tornado and Megaflare can clear entire rooms of heartless in minutes.

    Glad ya liked that video. There's one for Big Hero 6 as well. lol

    lol Then your cousin is better suited for my job than I am. Well thats good it wasn't cancer but how did it damage your spine? I'm sorry your having such trouble. *feels the need to do something* I'll find things to amuse you! 8D

    Ahh I see. I've played KH1 so many times I get things as I go. haha
    When I was younger I found a spot on one of the vines in dragon Maleficents boss room that let me fend off all her attacks and then summoned Genie and beat her that way. xD

    Ecletic? Which anime or manga are you into then? =D

    haha I only work if it's for something of my interest in games. I can't use or get anything from a trophy so I ignore them personally.

    Yep you have to play six times. Riku is easier though because you don't have to worry about collecting cards.
    I didn't like FF13. ^ ^"
    Haha, that's a funny video.

    my cousin works with cars, but he knows a lot about them lol. I had the tumor at the base of my spine when i young. it wasnt tell I was eight that they discovered it. It was non cancerous so they removed it no problem. but they said when i finsihed growing i may have troubles . so we had things checked. some abnormalities in my lumbar spine this time (Thats the curve of your back). I'll find out what that is when i see my neurologist next month. But i can't stand or move around to long. so it makes working rather difficult.

    Oh i got double jump and glide before hollow bastion of course, i just dont back track tell after I get donald and goofy back at hollow bastion, then i back track , and why i am picking up ,dogs i may of missed, trinities and chests i couldn't get to the first time i was in a world i level . It makes fighting maelfecent so much easier.

    Yoda is awsome. My mom used to be able to do his voice. I share a lot in common with both my parents. but im also diffrent from them. Theres a lot of things i like that they dont. like anime etc. and im a huge disney fan where they are not. though mom likes Mulan and tangled. Though its mostly been me and my mom. They divorced when i was four.

    I'm ecletic I like pretty much everything. Anime, manga , comics, books, movies, some tv shows (Mostly crime or supernatural based. Love once upon a time rumple is my fav character)

    I am a trophy hunter. I love working for somthing lol.

    This is my first CoM play through. I'm doing it for the story, and get used to the fighting style before attempitng the trophys. I heard you have to play six times to get all of them because you play riku too. Ugh. I'd get bored. i'll probably work on getting the rest of FF thirteen between play throughs. I just have the rest of the one things to do . YOu know when you talk to the trapped crystal people who failed their missions and do them for them? The game itself I loved the graphics and story line, but i was so happy for the end of the game. the after game is so much funner lol.

    I hope for fifteen they dont make it so linear . it can get a bit repetitive.
    I work at a parts store even though I know little of a car. lol
    Tumor!? At your young age!? I'm sorry to hear that. D= Well it's good the was nothing but what is causing twitching then....maybe an side affect of the tumor?

    Oh that! I love that picture. =D Stitch is awesome. I like how they drew Lilo too.

    You got that far without glide or double jump? How? o_0

    You work fast. =D Going to try Phantom first?

    My relatives stretch north but mostly consist of my town.

    Making a kid retake a grade for social skills is bullshit. You'll get it regardless of the grade. Stupid schools. >:[

    I share little in common with interests to my parents and I tend to be drawn to random in consistent things so not much sticks for me. lol
    All I still like is Yoda. That little green dude makes me lol and he's badass.

    Ah~ Your a trophy hunter then. I hate the gummi missions. I don't think I'd mind if it was entirely optional.

    Ugh. CoM is horrible for it's trophy list. It's also easily repetitive despite the good story.
    lol Tea?
    Do you know how to get Lady Luck? It's hidden in Wonderland. The Ice Titan can be easier since you pretty much just guard and dodge the whole match. With Phantom take Peter Pan (a have to) and Donald. Between the two they might actually damage his orb thing on their own so you can focus on dodging and keeping stop cast on the clock tower.
    If your that close to Ultima just get it. It will be the most helpful overall.
    Also remember the trick I told you about flying around the clock tower. He has that attack were he flies in front of it and sends some orb/smoke thing after you. If you fly to the opposing side as he's inhaling you'll avoid it. I also take the time to cast stop every time I do that.

    I see. Don't worry to much about an accent. =] The New Yorkers have one of their own after all. Plus it can't be much worse than mine. I live in Kentucky with all the drug addicts and hicks. xD

    I don't even remember what I was doing in fifth grade. haha TuT

    Your the same age as me then. 16yrs seems so long ago now. I've lost interest in Star Wars as I aged but my only real draw as a small child was the lightsaber fights anyway. ^ ^"

    You sure it wasn't just the wolves? lol
    lol If she sit through all those long LOTR then yeah a debt was owed.

    I don't even bother with gummi missions personally. They're dull, no fun and you don't really get anything for the work. I only do what is required to unlock all the secret trailers. If it's fun I'll do it regardless like playing Mirage Arena with Aqua. It was fun to fight Eraqus even if easy. I even managed to beat No Heart. (Xehanorts armor)

    You'll get it eventually. The shield is supposed to grant it....huh I can't find a chart showing when it appears. The diddly? Hmm....well I have alternate strategies for Xemnas if you need. =3

    Well that's good their happy. It means it's a decent home. Many homes for elderly are less than savory. D=

    *sighs* I have to go to work soon. ;n;
    I always feel so sad to walk into a nursing home. There's always old people crying because their lonely, they legitimately crazy, or worse. TnT
    I could see that. Some nurses aren't worth a damn. In any work place if you have one that works odds are others dont.

    5th out of a whole college is awesome! =O Schools killed what little care I had for reading as a child tbh. Get nervous pronouncing?

    A month!? 2000 pages!? Are you sure your not a super computer? D=
    I wouldn't be please either. lol
    Seven? Wait how old are you? WAIT? How long as it been since those movies first released? o_o
    You sit through Twilight even though you don't like it? Your a trooper. TnT I'd have snuck earplugs personally.

    Ahhh the pot scorpion! I forgot about that b@stard. >:[ I finally got a pattern down for him once but it took a while.
    You can mess with Donald and Goofy's options on customize.

    That would drive me crazy though. It'd feel like it takes forever. lol

    Try to get both before taking on to big a boss.
    That's alright lol. Everyone does it till they get used to it.

    I see. That's sweet of her. A nurse can't be a fun job. >_<
    Most moms always know what to get. It's kinda weird how they read minds. lol
    Your amazing then because just 200 page books used to take me two weeks. haha
    I heard the Lord of the Rings is a huge book to read. It's prequel even bigger.

    I hated material gathering. Some are just a pain to gather. Like those Gigas Shadows in Wonderland. The only way to do it effectively is use Dumbo.

    Unknown is easier than Sephiroth but harder than Phantom or Kurt Zisa.

    Always go with Tinker Bell. She's the go to summon of KH1. lol Plus you can use her anywhere so long as you can land and Donald & Goofy stay on the field.

    Thirty times!? That's way to many blueprints. Dx

    Diamond Dust is good but I think it's attack is low and with the Phantom you'll have to shift between Attack, Fire, Blizzard and Thunder. All the while making sure you can keep casting Stop on the clocktower. It's best to fight it with Stopra or Stopga.
    I always wait till I get Second Chance and Once More. Once you have them you can attempt any boss.
    I was wondering where ya went. You posted it on your own page. lol =] It reminds me of early days. I did it all the time. xD

    I've never heard of those books. What are they about? Oh ho present of books for valentines? Your boyfriend has it lucky he knows what to get. lol
    You read them how? o_o

    I've never watched Game of Thrones myself. =3

    haha To be honest there are worse things I've seen on google that I wish I could unsee. Google is a troll to be reckoned with.
    Your playing KH1?

    Advice for Phantom and Kurt Zisa. The Phantom has one attack that he launches by flying to the front of the clock tower. When this happens fly to the opposing side and it cancels entirely.
    Kurt Zisa can be cheated using Tinker Bell. If you set the cruser to summon then to Tinker Bell but don't activate it, get on carpet and as soon as the battle starts rush to summon and tap X twice and you now have tinker bell before he cancels your magic. Tinker Bell revives you once if you die.

    Try talking to Geppetto. He has several blueprints.
    I have also been reading the third song of ice and fire book. I got the third and fourth for valentines day. but these books are massive, i cant read them in my usual day, i can read them in three a peice because so much is going on i need breaks to process everything.

    I ordered the Game of thrones Bluray/dvd a couple weeks ago it should be here tomorrow or thursday.I havn't seen the series yet. I got into the books first. I don't have hbo.
    Count yourself lucky. I somtimes wish i could unsee some of the things i've seen in games. (any game) though as funny as they are, they are disturbing. I'm good. Arrived at the end of the world today on proud mode. Got all trinity marks, dalmations, and mini games done.

    So I'm about to go do the hades cup. Then the phantom, kurt zisa, and the egnamatic man. before getting whats left of the synthesis items i need. which is four energy stones, 8 mythril stones, 3 power stones, 4 stormy stones.

    4 bright crystals, nine lucid crystals, three power crystals, Seven serenity powers, and four gale.

    Then I'll back track to do Sephiroth and the Ice Titan.

    and on top of that I am still missing 14 Gummi blueprints, and I'm stuck on mission three of traverse town. I really want to get the gummi trophy for getting all gummis, and doing the third mission. I already did the first too. but how the bloody hell do they expect you to get from traverse to the end of the world. without any damage?
    I like that kinda of progression. Actually meeting the character makes it feel more legitimate than just randomly throwing them in.

    lol Stud cards? Japan has always had a pervy streak. You should see the eyecandy guys get in some games. x'D
    I've never played an original ff game just the side games like dirge cerberus, crisis core, and tactics. Never played any of the legend of zeldas but i've always wanted to. I own and played some of one of the spyros. My favorites growing up was mortal kombat and sonic, my mom got me started on those.
    I'm sorry to hear that about your game disk. I know how that feels. :/
    Assassin's creed one is the only one i've tried and i don't know what it was i just couldn't get into it it seemed really really slow.

    Lol and no biggie on the wrong person thing xD
    Well most consoles have ways to download old games so you wont be at a loss for long.

    Sounds like an oddball cast but with Japan that's usually a good cast. xD
    I have a PS3, PS4, Wii U, N64, 2DS and Super Nintendo. I would have even less if they'd port KH to PS4.

    Nintendo is the cheapest consoles. lol
    Try tradeins. It's how i afford stuff.
    Which personas have you played? I never could get into assassin's creed :/
    And I am so behind in ff its not funny ><
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