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  • I wish they stuck Vincent in Kingdom Hearts like they originally were going to. He's such a cool character. I also want more Zach.
    Kingdom Hearts is what introduced me to ff and i really really like ff7 but I still haven't played any legitimate FF games :/
    I really should get 7 on steam.
    You never get trapped in a whales stomach. There is one game with a "dream fish" though.
    Ugh I have to go now, I have an early shift. Goodnight. TnT
    I like flea markets. I haven't been to one in ages. Do you have a Wii U? Because there is that Zelda-Dynasty Warriors cross that is better than you'd expect. =D
    Your not the only one. When I originally ran around this site before Birth by Sleep released you would NOT believe how many threads there was on "Roxas and Ventus are the same person omg!!!!!!!!!!!". =_= It was hell.....
    I know. i honestly find it freaking annoying. Making everyone connected is fine and dandy but giving them all the same faces is just laziness to me.
    Posted on your page again. o3o

    What's to follow? Ol Geezornort rips out Ven's darkness, it makes Vanitas, Vanitas tries to remerge with Ven and battle. 8D
    just the fact that everones souls are split and in others its just very confusing and hard to follow at some pionts. I just roll with it, dosnt stop it from being a tad anoying though.
    lol What about Venitas confuses you?
    Have you saw these?

    KH's BLANKEST POINT by monjava on DeviantArt
    KH's BLANKEST POINT part 2 by monjava on DeviantArt
    KH's BLANKEST POINT part 3 by monjava on DeviantArt

    I haven't saw BH6 yet either but I want too. I don't like the live action stuff.

    I also found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zBCLEaXpiA
    I wouldn't say I love it. But it's better than Disney has done in a long while. I just need to see Big Hero 6 now. >:

    Which is a pretty amazing task when you think of how big a douche the story made Hao. lol

    And I recommend Black Cat. It is one manga that you should stick to it's manga though.

    I don't read comics. I have no bookstore near me and I can't handle a story that doesn't eventually end. I did read Sonic comics as a child though. I saw that it's still ongoing too. haha
    My weekend has been okay. I finally saw Frozen. lol
    My avatar is Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.

    lol I can sympathize with your mom then. I can turn off a game system but somehow, and I do mean somehow, I always mess up computer stuff. TuT
    What stands out to me so much about Shaman kings ending is that they got the bad guy to hold off or even change his mind instead of the typical destroy villain troupe.
    You should give some on my list a try then!!! =D I remembered one yesterady too, Beyond the Boundary. It is beautiful visually and a good story.
    Bleach was damn good for it's first few arcs but as it is now is a flat joke.
    Have you ever read Black Cat? I've never heard of Gilgamesh. =O

    I did okay Dirge of Cereburus but I don't like shooters either. haha

    The soul eater manga has an even better story if your interested.

    I hardly ever watch behind the scenes stuff. I really need to on some.

    Just give the ones I mentioned a go. Now make sure not to go one episode or chapter and stop. You can't really tell about a series till you go a couple in.

    Congrats!!! \o3o/
    My Anime List:

    Dragon Ball (from start to Z to GT) (I only like DB and Z part of it though) (have all dvds regardless lol)
    Outlaw Star (love this show! I have the dvd series)
    Ergo Proxy (also own this one. it's a nice dark and psychological story)
    RWBY (a new webseries/anime made by the now deceased Monty Oum, It is my favorite show right now) (I went blu ray for this one even)
    WitchBlade (I like it for obvious reasons and not so obvious reasons) (have dvd)
    Gundam Wing (this is the only gundam show I've ever enjoyed besides 00. I saw it on toonamis original run) (owns entire series)
    Devil May Cry. (I love both this anime and the games from which the anime was based)
    Kill la Kill (at first glance it's fanservice then it its surprisingly deeper o_0)
    Mushishi (words can't express my love for this show. it is truly beauty without equal in visual and storytelling)
    Baccano (this series is amazing. it was created by the person behind Durarara and is even set in the same universe but in the 1940s. It is also the story the author had before Durarara) (owns dvd)
    Code Geass (it kinda goes to shit in season 2 but it's first season is golden) (has dvds)
    Trigun (love it and it's nostalgic for me) (got the dvd but has yet to get movie)
    Durarara (this series is classic in so many ways. I'm enjoying watching it's second season)
    Log Horizon (nothing grand but decent)
    Attack on Titan (this series is good in many ways and best part is the anime follows it! the new season is taking forever though lol)

    That's all I can remember off the top of my head right now.
    I'm naming all the ones I can remember lol.

    I've played several but only Crisis Core and X was ones I liked. I need to get PS4's X port. >:

    I meant the manga ending for Shaman King sorry. ^ ^
    The anime ending was good too though. You should give it's manga a go.

    Tokyo Ghoul is about beings known as Ghouls. Not supernatural kind but real creatures. They are essentially humanities natural predator that we lack in the real world. They are designed to hunt and eat humans and honestly have no choice in the matter. The ghouls are made in such a way that any other type of good makes them violently ill. They only other things they can digest are water and surprisingly coffee.
    Here I'll quote my post in the thread on it:

    However I can not stress enough that you read Tokyo Ghouls manga instead of watching it's anime. The anime does no justice to the story. After the first manga ends the story diverges. The manga goes one way and the anime goes another way which is all approved by the author their self for once.

    You can watch FMA Brotherhood and basically see the manga story if that'll help. I remember Air Gear. It got confusing in spots. :confused:

    I dont remember needing a net work. I just needed a internet cable. I connected the cable into both PS3s and followed it's instructions on the tv. She doesn't know how to turn it off? lol
    The last five levels won't matter trust me. lol Sephiroth will be hard regardless. Did you watch all your dvds in one day? =]
    That sucks. Won't anything even dull the pain? =[

    No wonder it hurts! Dx Isn't there a way to fix the curve?

    I hate Monstro. It felt so pointless as a world.

    You have a good anime list! TuT
    I liked Shaman King for it's ending and I love all forms of FMA. I bought the trigun series a while back. I remembered watching it as a child on toonami. I have to say though Triguns manga is better.
    Trinity Bloods lack of conclusive ending irks me but only because I liked the story.
    My latest craze is Tokyo Ghoul. Anime isn't to grand but it's manga is awesome! Do you read the magnas?

    I only do what draws my interest. In my mind the trophies get me nothing so they hold no worth.

    You can transfer between PS3 ya know. =3

    I just hope 15 is fun. I try FF games all the time but rarely find one I like. My anime list could take a while. xD
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