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  • Crime shows bore me. I did like supernatural but after season 5 it got hard to enjoy for some reason.
    Maybe another time. I've never watched it but I know what it's about and those type of shows don't usually catch my interest.
    I wish I could do more than what little I can do. ;n;

    Also funnies!
    That's the problem though. You have to have an idea of how to start first. TnT
    I've never watched it.
    Masks aint to useless else many construction workers would die daily. Looks like Nimoy died.
    The mask thing would've honestly been more affective.
    KH BBS Spoof: long time locks by jojo56830 on DeviantArt
    I'm going to need it. ;n;

    What good is that when you got it anyway? *__*

    You can transfer trophies so long as you sign up both systems under the same PSN account. =/
    Well those trolls are usually preteens with no lives. xD

    Flu shots...never stop the flu. Playing it just once in a row is hard to finish because it gets tedious. I just rewatch the theater mode if I need too.


    I drew my first digital art drawing! ^_^ I'm trying to teach myself digital art.
    I want to practice more tonight but I have to work in the morning so I have to leave soon. TnT
    Well they are made for mass amounts of people so going alone is impossible I imagine.
    Doesn't really sound much to me. The only difference would be expansions and all the people compared to playing a normal game no?
    The 3DS versions are good. The graphic update helps it greatly. I haven't got the Majora's Mask 3D yet though.
    If it was a 3D world with a fairy following you and Link was a child then yes. The one after Ocarina of Time was it's direct sequel Majora's Mask.
    Ohhhhh haha Your talking about Ocarina of Time, 1998 year of release, and it wasn't a whale but just an oversized fish deity. Its big but not as big as a whale. (at least on the outside)
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