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  • Not mine. The cookie cutter sounds cool. Gonna have all the details of the emblem or just the outline?

    It goes like this: Touka (finished) by Dravoo on DeviantArt
    Wow it sounds about like were I am but with slightly more to do. >_>
    I hate where I am too.
    Your posting on your own page again. lol =]
    I think I'd still go on off season. To poor to go other times. xD
    No because its cold lol. and a lot of people go to florida this time a year. and broadway is heavily used mostly by torists because locals have seen them already.
    yeah. theres always ways of getting things cheaper. Also time of year you go can also affect prices. Off broadway season vs Broadway. Offbroadway ant to figure out if a new show will be popular enough to be in the main area.
    I've never see a Disney Store before. Are they big?

    That much!? I doubt I'll ever be able to afford the trip to the city let alone the shows. D=
    How much is one of those shows? A discount of 30%!? That's pretty dang sweet. D=
    When will you see it?

    I've never heard of that place. =O

    Disney has a store!?
    My internet can't handle that much youtube sadly. TnT

    Then hell yeah! Where will you go first? ^_^
    Do you have a big city to interact with? I recommend a treadmill. It's good for stormy days and exercise.

    3DS. Only someone who's played and remember the original N64 MM will notice most of them though.

    I agree. I wish I could just have the story to watch. haha
    That is great! =D What will you do first as pain free?

    It gets repetitive before the first one ends tbh. >~<
    It is! They've changed and moved a few things but it's better than the original.

    I hate the mini games. I love the story though.
    Cell phones are honestly annoying. So you can get rid of the pain? =D

    Have fun with CoM. xD
    FFX can get tedious when you do the extra stuff. Even when you use quick leveling methods.

    Majora's Mask. =D
    I can't on my laptop so I watch short ones on my phone. Spine and dentist!? Your week isn't sounding to good. D=
    I'm trying to learn digital art with absolutely no success. *sighs* I'd like to be at least good at one thing. Dx
    I've seen them but I was never a fan of Saix or his puppy version. Some were funny though. =D
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