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  • Have you tried using Yojimbo against himself? Yojimbo has a one hit kill move that works on anyone. And I do mean anyone.
    I'd like a version without the dark aeons. I can't go anywhere after a certain point without a battle I can't win. Dx
    Thats to bad it really is good. I think it's the best one they've made. The newer ones don't really feel all that impressive. The only thing new ones have over the 64 is more options for battle mode.
    You poor soul. You never got a chance at N64 mario kart! D= It is the best one by far.
    I considered Mario Kart a thing of it's own since it had so many. My fave was Mario Kart 64. The wiiu one aint bad either.
    With Mario and Donkey Kong I only liked certain titles. The Marios I like and would own are the original, 3, super mario world and 64. With Donkey Kong I only liked 64 and the country games.
    I also loved Wario on gameboy. =D

    Pokemon still is tbh. I got that Omega Ruby one since it had been some years, still basic set up but it did have interesting moments like "oh yeah there are many parallel worlds. one without megaevolution (aka original titles)" .
    I grew up on nintendo but they completely lost me with Wii. They started caring more about gimmicks than focusing on getting games that would make people actually want to play their systems. Zelda, Metroid and (when I was younger) pokemon were my world but I'm not paying money just for three games.
    I miss the gamecube.

    I kinda wish they'd go mobile. If they worried more on making games for other devices we might see some change.
    At least it'll get through. Some days I can't even load the site.

    Interesting. Wonder why they haven't if he's popular.

    Makes sense. I think Nomura just got to close with designs though. He's made so many it was bound to eventually happen. haha
    That would make it a pain. xD
    Grey? He works for the bad guys but isnt? I seem to remember him in Crisis Core.

    The forum is glitchy anyway.
    *notsurewhatwindows8is* Good! =D
    I'm slowly coloring in my Gravity Falls picture on my lap top. lol
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