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    To the people that think this trailer was the last of the reveals..... truly are not ready for what's about to go down in the coming month.
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    The 18th is upon on us in 4 days time,....will ye be ready?

    cuz wheresoever art thou on the fated shalt be going down.
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    Ya'll aren't ready for what's coming

    cuz it's about to go down.
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    Could you imagine?

    If the stories of the unions were passed on and embraced throughout history, and eventually, there was an arcade named after those stories in the modern day called "The Union X Arcade" Thus, the arcade appears in KH3 and has an "exclusive new world" in it....Wreck-It Ralph. Boom. Lol. Just my...
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    Notice How...

    Notice how I didn't say it was about to go down for Amazon Games..... ;)
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    Stan Lee in San Fransokyo?

    RIP to the man, the myth, the legend. With his passing, does anyone feel like he may have done a cameo for the Big Hero 6 world as Fred's dad like in the after credits of the movie? He did film upcoming Marvel cameos before he passed. Not sure how likely it is, but that would sure be something...
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    Get ready for the rest of this month, next month, and beyond. THE HYPE TRAIN HAS ARRIVED.

    and you've all got a ticket, cuz IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN.
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    TJ Miller confirms he is in Kingdom Hearts III via Twitter.
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    Get ready for X018......

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    Get ready for Lucca after Paris Games Week is up.....

    ....cuz it's about to go down.
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    Get ready for Paris Games Week....

    It's about to go down. Be ready.
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    Get Ready for NYCC

    Be ready. It's about to go down.