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  • So I totally forgot to use the template to request a name change. I've fixed it though in my first post in the thread
    I dont' know what names are available but I've listed a few in order of preference (with the most desired name at the top)

    Kris Kringle
    Santa Claus
    St. Nick
    Saint Nick
    St. Nicholas
    Saint Nicholas
    Father Christmas
    Papa Noel
    I'll wait a bit before requesting.

    I just have to find the right name. (gonna do a "Christmas" thing)
    do we still have the policy for staff to make multiple name changes?
    cuz I want to get a temporary one possible if we still do have that policy
    I have the thread saved to my PM's there. Do you mean you're going to post the same one or keep making new ones?
    Thank you. A member PM'd me you're thread of awesome and win. I wish there were more people like you in this world, but God only had enough penis for you, good sir. Please, grace us with it again, someday.
    if you give me avatar permissions to wear one that is 150x200 you will be my favorite person forever :3
    Eh i've been considering it but then they'd just give the whole "I KNEW'D YOU'D BE BACK THEY ALWAYS COME BACK TO ME MMMMMM LOOK AT YOUR DELICIOUS TEARS OF REGRET". Although it could be worth it to just fuck with people til they banned me, it's not like i have any real incentive to return.
    what are your thoughts on silh? did you kill him? where were you on November 10th 3:37AM within the KH MANZION?
    Someone's being nosy.

    What are you trying to say? He has a lot of warnings/infractions or that he has barely any at all? I don't remember what points mean what, or if that means he'll be banned if he keeps going, or whatever. So explain it for the COMPLETELY retarded people like me :)

    Whatever you're trying to say, it doesn't distract from the fact that both of you have spammed threads I post in just to insult me or instigate a response, which is both breaking the rules and for you, very un-staff-like.

    So really, I have no idea what you're trying to say at the moment.
    God, KHV is just so much less entertaining without you there. The other trolls just don't compare to your might. And your penis, but even God is jealous of such a creation.
    For starters, I knew you would do it because you're the only sane one on the staff.

    Secondly, you can't blame me when A LOT of people hold high regards and for Square and he gets away with a lot of shit.

    Thirdly, I'm bent over for you baby ;D
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