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    can you consult me to the owner that footed the bill please?
    really? my thread didnt last 60 seconds, and you were the only one who posted.
    well, sorry about that then.
    Ill try and make it again
    oh um i got a suggestion

    you know how when you click on forum index

    you see the titles of threads and stuff

    but sometimes even titles of threads contain spoilers, [referring to fokh section]

    and when you click that section [fokh] it says on top the titles of most recent post for spoiler thread

    i was wondering if you guys could like block that?

    i know other forums do t.

    like they don't show the title unless you click on that section.

    for example this:[the yellow box]
    it blocks the thread title to avoid the spoilers.
    Hey Muffin, if you wanna close my thread, fine.
    But at the very least, I expect you to justify why you did it, please.
    Do you mind if me, KeybladeLegacy, Roseatte Dawn and some others start a welcoming comittee. we will take care of the noobs, show them how to do things and be the ones to welcome them.
    I'm sorry, never mind someone else has already moved the thread to the spoiler section. Sorry for bothering you.
    hey I was wondering. I had requested a name change a while back to change back from Kris Kringle and go to my original name of Gildragon. and I noticed today that the list was cleared but my name hasn't changed. so I figured I'd ask you about it.
    I just want to change back

    Kris Kringle|Gildragon
    Hello TMM!
    Er, I was asking if you can fix my account? You see, when i click KhINSIDER index, it only shows the bottom of the page "who's online " and "sig of the week" O:

    I can't see the sections or anything ;~;

    This has happened before actually.. so I was wondering if it could be fixed?

    Hello So do you work here? Can you please unban my other profile Geoxid 17 and can you unpermaban Haxons account and put the regular ban back on please

    It was a huge misunderstanding!
    Say TMM, is there anything wrong with the posting icons? Or has there been a change? I'm talking about this:
    Hey now that I am a premium member can you please change my username to Haxon? Like take the 15 out? Thank you :D
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