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  • And I've waited another 6 months before checking. Again. But you haven't checked since you posted so I don't feel so bad. Lulz.
    To be perfectly honest, the only reason I'm here at all is cause a thread I was subscribed to got a "justice bump" from Monkeybutt (apparently now undercover as "jeels" though he does a rather poor job of it). And now all the layout's changed again and I found a lovely long message from a long lost friend :)
    You actually amaze me with your ability to write long posts. I thought the same back in the day, but I'm not sure if I ever told you.
    Right. On topic.

    Good to hear you graduated and are doing college stuffs! Fake college or otherwise. I think your colleges equate to our "institutes of technology" or "polytechnics" (our colleges are your high schools). But we both have the same sort of university idea? I can't be sure. I met some Americans recently who tried to explain it. Anyway, doesn't matter a tonne. And I graduated about 6 months before you, sweet heart ;) I'm about half way through my second year of varsity at the moment.

    The car thing made me laugh, purely because it was such a good effort on your part =p
    A couple friends and I were going on a road trip (by road trip I mean 5-6 hours one way) to pick up a friend at the other end of the North Island and I managed to lock my keys in the boot of my car. As the rest of the vehicle was still locked, my dearest father broke in with a wire hook he had prepared earlier. End of story. Not quite as fun as yours =/

    So yeah. Personally, while I like the sort of quaint here there communications we've been attempting, I think we should keep in closer touch. Which is why I invite you add me on facebook: Beca Gaelic. I might have the middle name "Feash" as well but pay no mind.

    Look forward to hearing from you, hopefully, sometime before mid-December. You still make me smile. xx
    Been a while huh? :)
    Happy birthday from the future! Gods, how old are you now? 17? 18? Sorry I haven't been back to check messages, the forums have sorta slumped from their initial priority. Guess it comes with old age, huh? Tehe. And it pains me to look back on old posts too... Every year I can't believe what I dweeb I've been >.<
    How've you been? Still at high school, or have you graduated yet? I think you guys finish like half a year before us or something weird. Hope you're still all rosy cheeked and starry eyed :)
    I'll check back in mid December this time, promise.
    Hey babe, how ya been?

    August 24?
    I'd written it down somewhere I thought of yooou when you finally hit 17, or the day before anyway...
    Jeez you're old.


    Hope you're doing well and stuffs,
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