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    Final Episode Critical Mode. Any Advice?

    Alright awesome! thank you both so much, I will do that. I have Leaf Bracer and I'm pretty sure I have Second Chance, but I can check again. I don't have Once More, but I can get it though.
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    Final Episode Critical Mode. Any Advice?

    I'm really really stuck on this and have no idea what to do. What is the ideal level for Aqua?
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    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Release Date?

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Release Date Yeah I agree about the playthrough thing. when stuff comes out later than Japan in the States, I end up looking up stuff on YouTube, then I get the game and get bored with it, heheh. that is why im hoping that doesnt happen. Anyways, thanks guys, I will keep...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Release Date?

    On some KH sites, it says that the game was announced for worldwide release. does that mean that it would come out on the same day everywhere? Kinda like Pokemon X and Y? I'm just a little confused. Since the audio recording is done, does that mean it will come out soon?
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    Lexaeus Drawing Help

    awesome thanks so much this will really help!
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    Lexaeus Drawing Help

    Hey guys. I've been put to the challenge of drawing by my friend and I thought I would draw a picture of Lexaeus, the only problem is I can't really find any good image to use as a general idea for it. i thought maybe using a picture of when lexaeus in castle oblivion summons that red fire/aura...
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    Minecraft KH PS3 saves

    hey guys! I wanted to know if anyone is currently working on any ps3 minecraft kingdom hearts places? I was thinking about doing some but didn't want to steal anybodies ideas.
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    Who do you think is the most annoying boss ever!?

    Demyx, no doubt about it. Demyx was THE MOST annoying KH boss I have ever fought against in my life. Him and almost every mission in Jak 2 and 3.
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    2.5 Expectations

    Hey, guys! I'm really excited for the new 2.5 to come out later this year. has there been any given release date as to when it comes out? they said recording had ended so do you think it might come out in fall or winter? what do you think the box art will look like?
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Help

    ok awesome! thanks for the help! I will do that!
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Help

    Hey guys! I am replaying 358/2 Days and I heard that you have to beat every single mission 100% through to unlock Sora and The King. I just did mission 16 where you have to kill all the fire plants and I couldn't find them all. Is there any way to go back to the mission so I can unlock the two...
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    Kingdom Hearts X[chi] Help

    Hey! I am new and was wondering how to set up an account to play this? Do I have to download this or is it browser based? Can anyone tell me how to set up the game so I can play? Is it worth playing? Does it provide anything to the story?