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  • So...Im not that great with meeting new people here. What do you like about KH, and what other stuff do you like?
    Oh? Your message got deleted. Anyway, KHI member(s) are only trying to help you. Give them a chance, and see where it takes you~ ^^
    Thank you so much for accepting my friend request! ^_^ I hope we will get along really well~ How are you?
    That's great you have a friend to help you out with making it. Sorry it's hard, but it's really cool to hear you're making it a movie. The lore certainly can be quite tricky to work out atop of a script, but I believe in you and your friend! I hope it all works out, KeybasHKey. C:
    Will it be a fan-fiction? (I'll read it, if so. xD Since I read almost everything. lol.) Or is it something you're making into an actual game? I'll definitely give it a look, if you do.

    I understand. There's a lot of people to add to the Kingdom Hearts Universe mixed with Skylanders. Also, I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
    I would like to visit it sometime, but I've got to go for the weekend. I'll talk to you later! :)
    Yeah, tumblr isn't a good place for Kairi. I know there's a lot of haters out there for her on there. I like Kairi. I think she's cute and can't wait to see what her full outfit looks like by KH3. C: Hayun looks cute. I hear World of Final Fantasy is a good game. I hope to buy it sometime next year. <3 And how are you doing today?
    Then tell me what you'd like to talk about! I'm sorry your friends in real life aren't being nice, but I'd love to hear what's on your mind and discuss things with you! And btw, do you like Kairi? :3 I also really like your avatar. What's it from?
    Hey there, wanna be friends? I might not know anything about Skylanders, but I'm all for learning about them! And I'm all for wanting to get to know you. C: So how about it?
    nobodys gonna mock you for a game here. and if anyone were to here, report them and they'll be infracted. i was joking around a little bit in the thread but i'm here to help. if you ever want to talk i'm a good listener.
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