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  • yeah, thanks. she's had a migraine(s) for over almost thirty years now. it's amazing to me that she can still act happy.

    Now, i just need to find some chocolate chip cookies. heh heh heh.

    for the most part, that's wonderfully true. i also take some classes in groups though, but those only meet once a week. i do remember taking chemistry like that last year, and i left almost everybody else behind with my questions that still aren't answered by science. and then they got hung up on stoichiometry(which was easy). so i'm glad that's only part of my education.

    don't worry. in 2-3 weeks, my net restrictions will be back to normal =D
    D: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that...

    Good luck! :D I think it's fun.

    o3o No other classmates slowing you down or leaving you behind or talking too loud, huh? And no crowded hallways to maneuver through between classes~ Me and schedules don't mix well, anyway, though~

    ;~; Aw, and we finally caught each other...
    It's okay, I'm just glad to finally get to talk to you again, yay~ I've been getting lots of headaches, lately, too. :c I hope you feel better soon.

    You get a scalpel and try to get the chocolate chips out without harming them. It's harder than it sounds!

    D: Aw, sorry...
    Aw, and I'm about to leave. :c A grasshopper, a worm, and a cookie are all I remember dissecting off the top of my head. xD Some people are a little troubling when they have sharp objects...

    Tomorrow: Dance Class. Thursday and Friday: Drawing and Writing and KHI, I guess. Saturday: Quizbowl Tournament. :> You?
    :> Yeah, there are going to be some people who aren't exactly nice. We have to learn to live through that and all the other hardships that come with life, because there are beautiful things and wonderful people to see and/or talk to as life progresses, as well.
    Just like each other, to us! :D ...Or that's how I view it, at least. o////o

    :c Aw, well, I guess I'll see you again later, then!
    :c I remember a lot of bad experiences related to church I've had, too, but I relate those more to the people than to church, really. :D I'm really glad you're getting over yours, though!

    :D 'Kay, I'll PM mine back to you, then! (Yay, your first~)
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Finally got to read this! :D
    I don't know what I'd do if I went to a homecoming underdressed... I mean, I want to try to go to prom in a T-shirt and blue jeans, so I wouldn't be embarassed. My mom would just kill me for that, though. xD I'm not a good dancer, and I tend to feel a little sick at dances, so you had more fun then I would have~ :3
    'Course you don't have to worry about saying something wrong. We both make our mistakes~ You've never said anything wrong that I can think of. :/
    Kay, see you then!
    oh, i have a new poem out, its not like where are you going today, but a few people like it.its called dawn if you're interested.
    XD thank you! oh yeah, i have some other work on here, but its fiction, not poetry
    you're making me blush!XD thanks!i'm working on another poem like this, about a fairy sighting, im going to try to enter it into a contest, but if i dont, i'll probably post it.
    i already posted this on the theard my poem is on, but i'm super excited, so i'll say it again, you may save it on your computer!XD
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