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    Deep Dive Trailer/Music Video Song?

    wich game trailer ? can you post a link so i can download it please thanks a lot
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    Fav. keyblade

    i like the oathkeeper
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    Fusing Twice?(Theory)

    yeah it would be cool if you where in the brave mode and at the same time fuse with donald to make a super strong caracter but then you're al alone thats bad because no1 can heal you
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    the story and i HAVE TO KNOW wich part of dd the kept in the game
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    kingdom keychain?

    yeah ff8 was the best but i would rather have the oathkeeper all the time then the oblivion
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    KH COM out in England on 6th May.

    here in holland it was also released on the 6th of may but a already played a lot of com on my pc i bought the game anyway LOL
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    End boss

    i think we don't yet know him . . .
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    BHK in ASAS/Deep dive

    but how can it be that if there is a movie like that it isn't on the net or on any p2p programs
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    be prepared

    what are you talking about almost out is there a release date? :S
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    BHK in ASAS/Deep dive

    well if it is true why can't you find it on the internet? i mean the jump festa was on the net like 1 day later then why wouldn't it be on the net?
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    TV Advert

    yeah com was released 6 may i bought it that day :P
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    quitejaded how can he be sora's son if so i would like to know who is his mother ghehe :P
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    heartless-not theory-questions

    holy sht i just tought about the symbol thing and the white creatures have a symbol to ! that means they are also creatid wright?
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    KH2 Site help plez

    can somewone give me a link to that site i forgot it thanks ! ;)
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    heartless-not theory-questions

    i think they are original heartless and maybe ansem was the one who came up with the symbol he used for the heartless