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  • so whats yur fav KH songs mine are:Dearly beloved,hikari,sora,kairi,waltz of the dammened,other promise,roxas ,and tension rising
    lmao do you like any anime my top 5 is
    1.higurashi no naku koro ni(when cicadas cry)
    2.Gurren Lagann
    4.Code Geass
    5.Death Note
    your jokin lucky i wanna go to japan*jumps up and down *i wanna go waaaah lmao i'll get over itbut thats awesome and pretty sad lol So is it awesome there?
    lol yes see ya there someday lmao!but crap better get workin' on my japanese..gotta learn off my rosetta stone lol haven't used that system in a month lol
    lol have you ever had the dream to be part of square enix thats still mine since i started playing FF and KH lol i wanna design characters with nomura and help with storylines then my life shall be complete lol
    haha i think this is what anyone would want to be i mean come on get a bad ass keyblade and go all over the world free and fight off heartless nobodies nothin gets better than that XD thats my kinda life lmao!!
    oh my same here i thought no superhero was better than sora lmao!haha i loved him forever since like i was 5 or so haha shows commitment for love of sora lmao haha
    alright thanks
    who do u think is the best KH character i say it would either have to sora or roxas
    There's a few I have watched...none that I can just name off the top of my head. I know Katethegreat's parody is funny, but I watch more Final Fantasy centered parodies.
    I guess it almost makes more sense for Aqua to go in the middle or beginning, but my positive bias towards her is stopping me from blowing through her scenario.
    I think I'll start Aqua's first, play a bit. Start Ven, play a bit. Start Terra, play a bit. Just to get a taste of each character. Then I'll probably finish out Ven's scenario, then Terra's, and then Aqua's.
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