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  • JV Tennis...which is considered "Varsity" at my school because it's only been open for 3 years. So I'm doing pretty well for a Freshman. You? That's cool you play V.Basketball...
    Thanks! Umm, I spent it with my family; we played cards and stuff untill 12:00 and watched the countdown. Simple really, but these are the memories that will last a life-time. lol. You?
    lol...I guess. But I'm the type that likes to get to know they're friends...anyways, Happy New Years.
    Hey, Way 2 Dawn...what's up? Thanks for the friend request, but I gotta get to know you better, sorry=(...If we keep up on each-others profiles, though, I'm sure we can be friends eventually =)
    i think your starting to get more famus on the forum look at the list of the users on right now someones user name is the way to dawn18
    oh fooie yeah i used to live in california but then i moved to kentucky its not as bad as every one says it is my family was considering moving to colorado but i stopped it oh yeah im just that good but thats not just the reason it was also because we had lots of friends you may know some like Infinate mystery girlfromcrowd and project X :)
    heres my goal for today try to get at least to 600 post by today without getting band in the proses you should try to get to like 200 or 300 by today unless you have to go somewhere today just a guess though
    Right....... well i don't have a favorite type but i can name of bands like 3 Days Grace, Nickel Back, 3 Doors Down, All American Rejects, Plane White T's, Green Day and i think thats it the only band i despise the most would be the the Johnas brothers i can't stand them but a lot of people i know don't like them i don't know if you do or not oh and just so you know i'll be adding some pictures of me to my album if your wondering well i think thats it .
    turned 13 2 months ago and your talking to a guy who has never had a girlfriend or maybe its because i never tried hehe
    now your saying that im sweet and cute well right why did you say that ?i do play some sports tennis, basketball,and a little bit of football
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