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    Why did Riku ignore Kairi between CoM and KH2?

    Considering the damage Riku had done when he was under the influence of darkness, he really couldn't be blamed for not being able to face his friends. That, and he was keeping an eye on the Organization and making sure no one would find Sora, Namine or Diz. He had to keep en eye on the tides of...
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    Film ► (Spoilers) Black Widow

    I honestly thought it was a great return to form for the MCU on the big screen, considering that the last film we got was two years ago with Far From Home. I love how this was a much more personal movie reflecting on Widow's past and her trauma and familial issues. It was a very human superhero...
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    I'm Excited For Luxu's Future In The Series!

    That is an intriguing way to look at it! And honestly, if you really think about it, Luxu is kind of like a huge wild card at this point in the story. Whether he's still loyal to the MoM or he's decided to take matters into his own hands we shall see over the course of the next saga!
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    Dark Road ► Xehanort’s waypoint, who is it?

    That's something I hope Nomura will clear up. xD
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    Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters (UPDATE 2: FF6 Release Delayed to February!)

    I really hope they release this collection for consoles at some point, because I want to experience II, V and VI, which I've never played before!
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    KHUX ► Offline mode

    It's crazy to think that this game is really over now! It's been a hell of a ride! Now to wait for the offline mode!
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    Dark Road ► Did Dark Road's Ending Get Released?

    Indeed, September will be when the game returns so we can play through the rest of Dark Road's story or just watch through the rest in the Theater Mode!
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    CRAZY theory about Namine and Subject X

    That is actually a pretty amazing theory, I would never have thought of that! It would explain Namine's special existence as a Nobody, since Kairi never did produce a Heartless! It's one of those mysteries Nomura has yet to answer!
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    I'm Excited For Luxu's Future In The Series!

    It'll be a tense confrontation, I'm sure! I'm sure we'll get much more character development from him in the future! I mean, the show and manga have been over for years, so spoiler policies for that don't really apply anymore, but I'll put the spoiler tag nonetheless.
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    3D Yen Sid time travel power

    This is one of those things in the series that you try to wrap your head around, but get a bit confused, and understandably so! XD I would assume they just kept travelling forth in time, as per the rules of time travel Young Xehanort laid out at the end of DDD. So I'm assuming that with each...
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    KHUX ► Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will forever be changed by the finale of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]

    I agree, the finale of Union X really sucker punched us and gave us a different perspective on not just DDD, but the rest of the series as a whole! I love the revelation of the Spirits actually being the hearts of the Dandelions fused with their Chirithies! I find it amazing and sad! I wonder if...
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    I'm Excited For Luxu's Future In The Series!

    Exactly! And I very much enjoy James Patrick Stuart's role as him! You can tell he enjoys voicing the character! Yes, I really hope we get to see Luxu interact with the MoM more!
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    Super Smash Bros Ultimate | Everyone is Here! | December 7th 2018

    Which makes me hope that Sora still has a chance for Smash! Indeed! Now that we're one more fighter away from rounding off the last Fighter's Pass, I really hope Sora still has a chance!
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    Dark Road ► Xehanort’s waypoint, who is it?

    That's the question that keeps us all intrigued, am I right?