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  • yeah nk is only on once every ful-moon, I should make my own XD-E-<, since ive been trying to get back into this site.
    hey Tk long see no time , are you starting up that Nobody squad rp again?
    Well, that's the thing. I can really understand people not wanting anything to do with rep in forum insanity now. Since it was Spic Steve(who's on my ignore list now), I'd like to necro an old thread of his then nega rep him. But that might be considered against the rules.
    Man, right when I have 5 rep (I've been on for like 4 years) and everybody else has hardly anything I get nega rep for trying to enforce the rules of my thread.
    I got nega rep, so I updated my ignore list. :lol:
    That's what I'm afraid of in my thread, check it out in F.I.
    Aw man, I was hoping to turn your Adventure club thread into a religious bashing thread. : (
    Im doing good thanks how are you?
    Tk!!!LOng time not see!!*tackles*
    wow you're still active in this place? neato...thought everyone left.....btw have you by any chance heard from Demi or Ukir (scribbles and Darkriku14)? i would like to find everyone again if possible.....
    lols....welll i like it xD
    you dont like it D:.....your is so plane....but it is nice ^.^
    Great to hear your doing well!!!I miss RP'ing!!Ive been in the mood to but theres nothing out there for me T^Tl
    Lolz, I suck at Rock Band...it's a shame.
    Why is everyone named Tony?
    I just met like two people named Tony recently. lolz
    lolz, I just posted my temp. I hope its decent.
    Lolz, thanx.
    Yeah, they're one of my fav. bands.
    My last to sigs were Paramore.
    Def. I love Obama...xD
    Same here...it shall be fun.
    BTW...my name is Deanna.
    Thanx for the rep...yeah I love my siggy, KenT(Hall) made it. Nice to meet you....=]
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