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  • Adam and Eve it? I love it! <3 Ah, Cockney rhyming slang, I presume?

    Anyway, I don't seem to have received an invite...?
    Well, we'll get each other's phone numbers, obviously. I plan to meet Cloud first, then wait for you and the others. I say Cloud because I'm more familiar with him. Plus, if we just congregate on one platform it won't be hard to spot us. Not if we phone you and we tell you what we're wearing and whatever. Also, bring your GF if you want. The more the merrier.
    You, me, Cloud. Enchanted Rose wants to come but needs to know when we're going since she has a lot on. Space Cowboy said he's interested if he has cash. Cloud also mentioned his girlfriend, who on here is called *~Luna~* I think.
    you'll have to get on msn soon w/ me and cloud and ER so we can sort it

    cus we need to co-ordinate a time we can meet up at the train station where we change and get the trrain to bpool
    Not sure yet but in summer, definitely. Enchanted Rose is having the same issue, too, since she has a lot on in summer but I told her if we all got in an MSN group convo (me, Cloud, Enchanted Rose, Space Cowboy, you and possibly Cloud's girlfriend) we could sort out a date convenient for us all. Add me - doom-desire.x@hotmail.co.uk and we'll sort it out sometime soon.
    christ almighty that's a lot. but if you're changing at preston, then you should come on the same train as me and cloud. you'd have to get your train a lot earlier than us to get to preston, though.
    I live in Chorley, near Preston and Cloud's in Liverpool. We're on about meeting at the station where we have to change trains so we get the train to BPB together. How do you get there?
    good. cloud and i are going to bpb this summer. we wanted to know if you were coming with us.
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