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The Enigmatic Man

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  • Oh yeah, $95 for the Limo.
    $180 for the tux.
    And a little $30 to top it off with the ticket.
    But overall, fantastic night.
    Guess we'll leave it to Jae Millz and Cory Gunz to keep the realism in Young Money alive since Drake, Twist, Gudda, Nicki and that young one are all mainstream heads now.
    Yeah I was talking to my girl about that like when he first came out he was legit. No body could stop him, he was just on fire but I heard one song where he used the same verse he used in one of his underground songs and I'm like wow you definitely just reused that? He went kind of downhill from there to me.
    Yeah man. It's really not cool anymore. I stick to underground rap now. Old mainstream or underground are what I'm into other than Merengue or Reggae or Soca. I don't really respect Drake anymore since he's constantly recycling rhymes now.
    Haha, 2 new Drake songs are out. I know you've heard "Over" by now since It's all over the radio. "Fall For Your Type" is new. It just came out today. I don't really like R&B so I don't really like that one. :/
    Yeah, I just got out of Monstro, and I am not even gonna try getting back on the Inferno till I get this fixed.
    2-3 minutes for every single page to load? No thanks. -.-
    Ahhhhh TEM... Long time no talk. ;D
    And I'm not doing so hot.
    I have a virus keeping me off my laptop, for the most part.
    Everything is so slow and I can't figure out how to fix it.
    I haven't been on the Inferno for about a month now because of it. D:
    I don't know what to do, I have even restored a=my computer to original settings and it's still here.
    I usually have no problem with virus' but this one is bad.
    It was like that for me too lol except he came out with some song called "AM 2 PM"
    I like all of those lol

    I've been listening to Drake since he first released Room For Improvement so my favorites are Thrill is Gone, Come Winter and Money. I do like songs from So Far Gone too like The Calm and his new song Fear too.
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