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The Dream
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  • MGS4: It is 2014, 9 years after the Shadow Moses incident, 7 years since Big Shell. War has changed. War has become routine, no longer about politics or ideologies, just to become the best in the war economy. Nanomachines in soldiers bodies make everything controlled. Emotional control, equipment control, physical control, everything. It is all monitored in the SoP, Sons of the Patriots, system. PMC's, Private Military Companies, are constantly starting wars. 3 days before he is sent to South America to aid the rebels in the area, Solid Snake, AKA Old Snake, due to accelerated aging in his genetic code, is forced out of retirement. Colonel Cambell alerts Snake that Liquid Ocelot, Revolver Ocelot's body taken over by Liquid Snake after having his arm cut off by Grey Fox in MGS1 and taking Liquids arm, his will soon being taken over, that he is there. Snake goes to SA and figures out he is trying to take over the SoP system and rebuild Big Boss' dream: Outer Haven, a world free of Patriot control.

    Just ask if you wish to hear more, or find some gameplay from Youtube.
    That's good, I thought I might have been a day early, since I am one day behind you. I'm glad you like it. I would have drawn him, but I didn't have anything to look off of. *hugs*
    I don't know what happened to them! =O
    Sometimes people just stop talking for awhile, but it gives them a lot more to talk about when they start talking again =D
    I saw it. Seems really good, but I'm still debating, no offense to you in any way.
    My friend gave it to me. He used it for the sig he made for me and i asked if i could have the pic. he used so he gave it me.
    Yeah the Xion thing was a little far [not too much]. It wasn't the story that made me not like it it was the gameplay.for me it was just bad. The turning was bad ,the attacking was bad and the graphics were iffy just because its on ds.Then again its me
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