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  • Here and there, im planning my best friends birthday present and trying to survive my final year at school, so my life thus far has been a balancing act.
    Not much, I just have 8 days of school left, 5 until exams. I'm thinking of buying Super Mario Galaxy 2 when it comes out. What about you?
    I got $20 now, but I'm thinking of saving it for now. I'm planning on buying either a PSN card or maybe Lost Planet 2, or something else. Oh, and thanks to my public library, I've had the chance to play this pretty good game called Katamari Forever. The premise around it is rolling a ball and making it bigger by making it roll over objects to stick to it. It's simple, addicting, and very fun. The only problem is the co-op has both players moving one katamari, but you have to move at pretty much the same exact timing. I do recommend at least trying it if you get a PS3, or its past literations like We <3 Katamari, and Katamari Damacy. Here's my favorite song from KF. ^^http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmrkf842eQI
    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which comes out (for the US) May 25th. Lost Planet 2 comes out on the 11th. Wish I had a PSP so I could get MGS:pW, but I might buy the original Lost Planet, if I get $10.
    I liked the part where Ocelot fell from the other part of the plane when he is trying to get to Snake and Eva. (The part you mentioned was funny also, the Shagohod is the name)
    Really? That's good to hear! Most people consider me smart, but I don't exactly have the most common sense. To me, you either get one or the other. Either high common sense or high "book smarts" as my sister would say. XD
    Truth is....they have been long dead since you left. I guess people can't manage time well anymore since they can't post in an RP. Me and Jozi are actually doing a colab RP for Brutal Legend. Only join if you can make time for it. I don't want it to die and I also don't want to be at fault for the lowering of your grades (if they ever would).
    The story gets really good near the end, and the gameplay is very fun. I love how Kratos can just mindlessly plow through enemies with the Blades of Chaos. XD A good PS3 alternative would be Heavenly Sword, although it is very short, but it looks like a Femme-fatale version of God of War. BTW, here's a song for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwap79uy1G8
    I thought it was pretty good, just a bit short and VERY frustrating. I recommend getting GoW: Collection for PS3, because it comes with GoW 1 and 2, and a lot of secret bonus content. I do recommend that you at least try it though.
    I actually have started watching it. It is like a romantic version of Gundam. I have a feeling you might like it. Oh, and I finally beat God of War. ^^ Onto God of War II.
    Well, I just have 8 to 7 weeks of school until summer. Can't wait! Btw, ever heard of the anime Eureka Seven?
    Well, I my time zone is eastern, which if it were 8:00 AM, you would be 16 hours ahead, making it midnight, plus add a day because of the international date line. I'm glad you enjoyed your long break, mine felt too short.
    haha yay ur on and yea it sucks u got so many hw! for me i just sleep n class and im getting good grades and that my classes doesnt give anyone hw
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