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    Where are all the renders of the Org XIII?

    It's not just XIII but there's renders of stuff like Davy Jones, Boo and Randall which unfortunately didn't get officially released.
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    Where are all the renders of the Org XIII?

    SE really dropped the ball when it came to releasing character renders. The only official ones for XIII were Xehanort, Marluxia and Larxene.
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    Favorite Moments from Kingdom Hearts III?

    Jack Sparrow using his bad breath on Luxord
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    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    I'll limit myself to one each Olympus Pro: Great level Design Con: No coliseum Toy Box Pro: Field and battle themes Con: Too many mech fights. I wish they would just disappear when you revisit the world. Kingdom of Corona Pro: Helping Rapunzel experience the world for the first time Con...
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    The next game should be a Kairi spin-off

    Just imagine..... Found it here ->
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    The Caribbean and San Fransokyo Break the Traditional KH World Mold

    Hadn't really thought about it but you're definitely right that The Caribbean and San Fransokyo are very different from the traditional KH Disney worlds in terms of design. I thought the Caribbean was probably the best world in terms of level design. The vast seas, multiple islands, underwater...
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    Pleasant Surprises

    Fans (including me) have voiced their disappointments with KH3 but what about the game's pleasant surprises that caught people off guard while they were playing? - I loved the guardians scene in mysterious tower where all the characters acknowledge their previous connection * Ven and Lea *I...
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    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    Those are some hype ideas. I don't think people would complain about a lack of KH4 if we got those. Now I'm hoping for announcement like we got in 2007 where we got Days, BBS and Coded all announced at once.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    It'd certainly allow Rapunzel to be a permanent party member. Tough to see them using using it for KH4 but maybe for an important non-Numeral title like BBS or DDD. Could have duo of Rapunzel and Cassandra as the party members. Being stuck with Eugene post-Corona story is so boring.
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    Did nomura run out of ideas ?

    Idk bout that second part, but at this point I totally believe he just doesn't care for Kairi at all. Maybe I was expecting too much but I thought she was gonna have a much more active role (Hell, I originally thought she would be the other playable character). And then I just rolled my eyes...
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    I liked the BH6 story right up until...

    I really didn't like it either. It messes up the relationship dynamics having two of them around. Not to mention it's a major deviation from the movie and TV series. I know Conli had to approve it but that doesn't mean it was a good story choice but then again that's just my personal feelings.
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    Personal Disappointments and Pleasures in KH3

    You don't just awkwardly dump on a character just because the VA died. If that's the case then MX should've been silent too.
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    Personal Disappointments and Pleasures in KH3

    I was disappointed that we've gone back to KH1 days where we have characters in cutscenes awkwardly not having a voice. Phil has been the character we've consistently interacted with the most in most of Olympus Coliseum's appearances and yet in his two scenes not a word from him. Was...
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    RUMOR:New World Leaked And Will be Revealed In Early April

    Eesh. I hope not. I used to be in favor of JB in KH3 but the more I thought about it the less I wanted it because it was honestly be kinda boring. It would've been better suited for BBS or 3D. I was never the biggest fan of the movie anyway.
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    Unmarked spoilers: Potential KH3 world list? (INCOMPLETE)

    Here's a visualization of what we have so far. Monsters Inc is the only choice that has caught me off guard. It probably wouldn't have made my top 20 list in terms of predicted worlds to appear. Inc's inclusion probably eliminates the possibility of Stitch's Hawaii popping up since those...