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Recent content by The 15th

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    Possible flavs of BBS?

    I don't know what, but there will be a flaw. Like no replay value or something like that. They've messed that up in every other KH game, besides FM+ IMO. At least that keeps you interested after beating the game.
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    What if the shadow is DS's...? Just a thought...
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    BBS is not a virtual world!!!

    The only evidence for the virtual world is Terra's Keyblade, which I can easily be contradicted. During the fight with ES, a lot of the moves the keyblade performs shares a trait with its summoning: the swirling polygons. That may just be the keyblade's power.
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    Xigbar in bbs?

    Yes. Exactly what I expect (only I never thought about Kairi).
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    BBS tutorial

    I think the Station of Awakening is a part of a Keyblade Master that reveals the wielder's destiny. Sora's showed the Princesses of Heart. Roxas' showed nothing but Sora, which is all Roxas had in store at that moment. That destiny also involves the Keyblade, so the Station may revolve around...
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    the rrom of awakening

    I think the Room of Awakening is the area Sora and Roxas get their "training" in. I also think Terra created it (Xigbar mentions it wasn't created by Xemnas). Xigbar also mentions that is where the other friend is. Since that area is supposedly inside Sora's heart (hence the name Dive into the...
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    Clouds Sword

    WOOOOOOW!!!! Am I REALLY the only one that had this thought!? Everytime I have a good theory, 5 or 6 other people think of the same thing. Anyway, here's what I think... Look at Squall. He changed his name to Leon to mask the pain that he felt when he was powerless against the Heartless. Cloud...
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    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    I'm sorry, but this one wins. I don't know if there are any better ones, but this is the most plausible. According to someone's theory, the Star Seeker is given to anyone who seek stars, which represent worlds in this story. Yen Sid probably gives this Keyblade to anyone pure of heart who set...
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    where do the nobodies of organization XIII get their powers?

    I think it has something to do with their heart. Sora's Keyblade was an extension of his heart. When his body and soul left to create Roxas, the remnants of the heart was formed into Roxas' weapon. For the others, it may have to do with emotion. Fire is usually used to compare with passion...
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    Training Time!

    I train with just battling. When I'm done, I get some more in with the Shadows after getting the Keyblade.
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    Favorite Kingdom Hearts 1 Keyblade

    Hey, where's Oblivion? That one's my favorite. But if the One-Winged Angel counts, I'll say that one.:thumbup: