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    Honestly, I have no idea. Either he got banned, or he was hacked. Because remember a couple weeks ago he came into that console war thread, and started posting about girl advice and got pissed off at people when we wouldn't help him?

    That was the last time I seen him around.
    then how'd he know what was ur first name? TMM i mean.
    and usually in searches... don't they show a lot of people? how could he have known it was you?
    how'd he find ur facebook? did you put a link about it here? that's why you don't post personal info >~>
    lol. except like name and age and location and pictures are ok though. ha.
    dude just leave him alone.

    then maybe eventually after a long time he'll leave you alone? who cares anyways, if none of that is true then stop making such a big deal out of it. you'll only find yourself in a worst position. like palmer. but you're better than palmer though :O
    If I were you, I'd get screenshots of specific incidents and present them the admins. Hopefully everything works out for you.
    Well, he's really close to the staff and I don't know if they'll take your request as serious as they should. Hopefully, they will though.

    In the meanwhile, you can only try your best to ignore him.
    I don't give a shit. I wasn't warned at all so nothing really happened.

    I was only acting like a dick in the first place in the new thread because of how Raiden was in the thread that got deleted.
    See, I could completely ignore him and just talk to others in that thread, but then he'd call me out saying "WHAT SO YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY?!"

    And plus, the point of a troll is to get people riled up, I think I'm doing a good job if he's getting worked up over me.
    See, now I'm just going to bug the shit out of him. It's obviously working. I tried being nice, he came at me... so why bother trying to be nice to him ? =D
    The thing though is... he's too thick headed to know he is one, or even accept the fact that he might be one.
    No I'm not. But when people continuously misunderstand what I'm saying (it's not that hard to understand what I'm saying), and they bitch at me because they're too fucking dumb to understand shit, I get pissed off. And right now, I'm just pissed at Raiden because the guy is a fucking idiot.
    Doesn't change the fact that Raiden is no different from me. He calls me a ignorant 360 fanboy.... he's the exact same way with the PS3.
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