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  • The power of a system is not an opinion, it is a technological fact. The sales of a system are not an opinion, they are a fact. Facts are not open for debate, as much as colbert would like them to be. Once a fact has been stated, disagreeing with it just makes someone into a fool, as facts are facts, and not open to debate. What is it you feel I have stated was a fact that was not?
    Facts are what we look them as. What you don't seem to understand is that, most of what you said isn't supported by various source. Who's right or wrong, the issue isn't there. The thing is, you cannot constantly ignore our source and put yours as supreme (like with the NYT thing).

    It's not as much immature than annoyed. They're annoyed because no matter what we'll say, you won't listen to anything except 'your truth'. And when we come with facts like you say to do, you dismiss them as unreliable or just plain wrong. If I wasn't patient, I could be like them.

    They do deserve respect, it's mainly than you (both sides) loses that notion because you totally disagree and that you refuse to listen our arguments.
    This is the main issue. I don't care about minor disrespect, but I found you went too far, especially considering bamak didn't always try to go against you (referring to older post) and that TM is known for using reliable arguments. I personally know that you don't lie on your age since TMM confirmed it, but it's understandable they can think you lie. The number of people who do so is pretty high and you're not well known on the forums yet. It doesn't mean I agree if they think you lie, but from what I saw they didn't go as far as you.
    If they indeed asked to people to neg rep you, then I disagree with them obviously. I didn't neg rep you because someone asked me but because I didn't like both how you treated them (since you too criticized their ages, and more harshly in my view) and the pro Wii argument (that you seem to despise at best).

    As for what happens in others thread, if I don't post in it I don't care much. But if I post in and that I consider the user, very popular or not, has a bad behavior, I'll neg rep him as well. It's nothing against you, it's just that I consider respect is a natural thing, no matter is they're 15, 22 or 30.
    Yo what's up? I just wanted to thank you on giving me that rep the other day about the Kingdom Hearts movie. If you wnat to send me a friend request you can.
    I was going to rep you...but accidentally clicked on the nega-rep. I rep you again
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