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    it could be just showing that Ansem has a connection to the ORG. might've never meant to be a certain somebody, just a nobody (lol)
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    (SPOILERS 358/2 DAYS) Xion Related

    Does he mean himself?!!?!?!?!? I dunno, would be trippy. Edit: i'm thinking SE made xion as a love interest for riku or something (not neccessarily love, but whatver), since most of them are paired up already.
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    Sora's Official Height?

    Maybe I should spike up my hair to make me look taller..... Dead thread?
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    Sora's Official Height?

    He looks to me about 5' 2. Kairi maybe 5' 0 or 4' 11 Riku? Maybe 5' 4 or 5' 6 but obviously that's not official. but Rikashiku looks like he/she knows what he/she's talking about... East asian designers....we've got some small people...lol... myself included.
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    Why Terra is most likely Xehanort

    the last statement seemed irrelevant. The only thing I connect Terra to Xehanort is the hair...and so far, that's about it....
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    Re:CoM pushed back to March?

    Re: CoM pushed back to March? I kind of doubt it.
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    How Xion MAY have come to be

    Lol. Seriously he's grabbing anything he can reach.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread So I preordered the game a while ago...but I didn't know how to pronounce the title is it Kingdom Hearts REE chain of memories or Kingdom hearts reguarding chain of memories or chain of memories remake or something? I just told the guy "can I...
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    Character Pronunciation

    On wiki (please don't punch me), the japanese romanization of the names are on there. It tells you how the names are pronounced. But I don't know... the Japanese pronounciation differs slightly from American pronounciation. For example Roxas with Japanese accent/dialect (whatever..I dunno) is...
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    I think its funny. Kairi cares a lot about Sora Sora cares a lot for Riku Riku cares a lot for Kairi (at least in the first one) It's this sort of love-friendship triangle deal.... ANYWAYS The thing that dissappointe me most was how all the bosses from KH1 came back to KH2. I was...
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    A Limited Edition 358/2 Days DSi is in the Works!

    The one on wikipedia? Oh okay thanks for the info
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    A Limited Edition 358/2 Days DSi is in the Works!

    so is that pic on wiki a fake or legit?
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Re: The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful Life I almost beat this game in 3 days but stupid AP tests came up.
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    petition here if you want kh3, chrono break , final fantasy VII remake ps3 to be made

    Re: petition here if you want kh3, chrono break , final fantasy VII remake ps3 to be do people really look at petitions? and what are petitions anyways? a list of a bunch of people that want something. It's not like it HAS to happen right? It'd be cool though, sony needs some support. and...
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    people call him gay because he's feminine. In this society, being girly to them is gay. I disagree entirely. Nomura probably wanted a good looking villian so he ecentuated the feminine features. personally, I think it's HOT!