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    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Announced at D23 Expo Japan!

    ya they had confirmed it that in the japanese version you can play both in english and japanese but only with japanese subtitles for both languages. i guess that option changed before release. either way, im still buying KH HD 2.5 remix in japanese. i already imported kingdom hearts 2 final mix+...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Announced at D23 Expo Japan!

    i just dont understand why in kingdom hearts hd 1.5 remix the japanese had the choice to play in both english and japanese but we only got the option of english. itll probably be the same with hd remix 2.5. I WANNA EXPERIENCE THEM BOTH IN JAPANESE. its the language that i major in but im not...