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    yesterday i was playing battlefield 1942 against my uncle via lan....and then he shot me...i got angry and the mouse is kinda wierd...and then the mouse fell on the computers box...or whatever its called...then the game stand stuck...and when i clicked on the reset button it made a noise like a...
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    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red & Blue Rescue Thread

    I made this because i wanted to help some people... You will be rescued from lvl 100 professionals(no lvl 1 dungeons!!!) The Crew: TidusSoraMarth - Charizard lvl 100 HP: 999 Rest Stats: 255 ask me if you want to join this Crew.. to join you need to be atleast lvl 80... just post your help...
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    Windows Live Messenger ID

    in this thread everyone can write his/hers Windows Live Messenger ID and happy chatting: TidusSoraMarth(me) - nijad_friend@hotmail.com